Why is everyone moving away from the blog! Find out the solutions before you face these problems! Blogging is very popular! Everyone is getting involved in it! Of course, it is a huge platform to make money online!

But there are many reasons why many people are leaving blogging day by day! The main reason is frustration and lack of money!

Here are some of the ones I found to be interesting: And I will try to solve the problems.

  1. Family Problem: –

There are very few families like this who have not told you that all these things are spam! In other words, you can never make income from these online! It would be better to study well and it will be a much bigger person!

Every family has a fight with this! Moreover, if you want to blog, you have to stay with your smartphone or laptop all the time! Which is why a lot of eat! There are many who face these family problems and take the left from blogging! Which is very frustrating!

If you are facing this problem then listen to one thing and never get frustrated in such a situation! Your target is a blessing in disguise. Continue working.

Of course, one day everyone will be proud to see your success! Remember that any good deed will be more or less bad! You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Success will come to you one day! Just waiting for the time!

  1. Lack of dollars!

One of the big problems with blogging or anything else is that the dollar actually requires a lot of dollars to do all this! Incredibly, it is true that many people start their blogging careers while studying! Honestly, I don’t have a dollar at this time!

Moreover to buy the domain. It costs a lot of dollars to buy good quality hosting and good Blogger templates! Moreover, the biggest tool for using blogging is a laptop or desktop computer!

Many people do not have it! Everyone has a mobile phone! And it is very impossible to fully customize the blog with live HTML with a mobile phone! Many people tell these things to the family, but they do not put much emphasis on these things! And facing these problems, many are taking the left from blogging! In fact, it is a very serious problem!

Let me tell you simple tips to edit live HTML with a mobile! When you do this with mobile you will take your website to desktop mode! Then you will see that editing will be much faster than before! Mostly it will be the same speed as desktop computers and laptops!

  1. Frustration.

Research shows that the only condition that exists among those who are leaving or planning to leave blogging is frustration! The frustrating thing about blogging is that I’ve written a lot of posts so far, but visitors are coming to the blog!

Honestly, if you write a lot of posts but no visitors come, then it is not uncommon to get upset! Moreover, if there is another problem, Adsense Approval! In fact, everyone started a blogging career to earn money! And the best way to earn dollars from blogging or any website is Adsense! But many are seen requesting here and then ignoring again and again! The main reason is the lack of work!

And for some as a baby gets older, he or she will outgrow this.

Don’t rely on yourself.

Moreover, another problem is not being able to build confidence in yourself! This is the most complicated problem! There are many who can not rely on themselves!

I think I can not! Or in my opinion, it will never be possible! Admittedly, everyone is taking the left from blogging! If this is the case then maybe there is something wrong with you. Remember that when everyone can, you can too!

4. Technical problem!

Those who are taking or are planning to take the left from blogging have to face the following problems anyway! In the minds of many, it is always going to be a good blogger or WordPress! I think Blogger is good because you don’t have to buy any hosting on Blogger! So many dollars will be saved!

Moreover, you have to buy any theme! There are many templates available for free that are professional locking! So if you are facing this problem then you must think that you are in the right place! Blogging is better than WordPress! However, in some cases!

Which template will I use.-

This is a very serious problem because there are so many blogger templates available! Lots of professional locking to see! Now suppose you used a template but visited another website and saw a better template! Then the curiosity to use it will come true! But in order to use it, you must spend a lot more time to customize it perfectly!

So why not use the same template you should! This will be good for you! In fact, any website without visitors is absolutely useless! After writing a lot of posts, how would you feel if there were no posts?

Whatever it is, of course, it will spin in your head how to bring traffic! Many people become successful as a result of working patiently! Again, many are taking leave from blogging without success!

In this post, I have completely shown how to bring traffic to the website in the easiest way again! These are the problems that cause everyone to leave blogging and plan to take it!

I tried to explain the whole thing and these things so that you can solve them well! I have also tried to explain these tips! ..

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