Why iPage is a superb hosting provider [13 reasons to be considered]

To begin with, we love to make a short brief on iPage and it’s the mother company. iPage was founded in 1998 by Endurance International Group. This business group also the owner of giant hosting provider BlueHost, Hostgator and Email marketing tools Constant Contact.

On the off chance that iPage is such a hosting provider that targeted the user who wants to switch in the e-commerce site from the small business site. That’s is the reason behind they are offering the cheapest hosting cost for the users. Millions of websites worldwide running with it.

Why iPage is a superb hosting provider[13 reasons to be considered]

Why iPage is the superb hosting
  1. Inexpensive: This is super cheap.
  2. Free SSL: With every registration, it will provide a free SSL certificate.
  3. Free Domain Name: You will get a domain name free with iPage for one year.
  4. Money-Back: It will allow you for a 30 days money guarantee if you don’t want to use it.
  5. User-Friendly: iPage is very easy to use.
  6. Excellent Uptime: 96% uptime is above the industry average.
  7. After-Sales Service: Excellent customer support offered by iPage team.
  8. Easy To Install: Very easy to install with WordPress just takes one click.
  9. Secure: It has an enriched security system for its user’s site.
  10. Reliable: It is liable as working in the long run.
  11. Analytics: It helps to monitor your site performance for further action.
  12. Tons of Free Template: It has over 1000s of pre-built website templates.
  13. $200 For Promotion: It will give you $200 marketing credit to promote your website.

All the above great features are offered by iPage to its users. Apart from these, there are also other options you can enjoy while taking iPage hosting. Free domain transfer, huge disk space, free email address, mobile-friendly site builder, scalable bandwidth, and many more. At a glance, the iPage makes you happy by all means to use it.

Pros of iPage: That You Will Not Be Able to Avoid

Why iPage is the superb hosting
  • Economical: This is super low-priced, just only $1.99/monthly while taking the 36 months price package. Thus, if you are a beginner and just starting a blog, it may be a single choice for you.
  • SSL Certificate: Unlike a few others, it will provide a free SSL certificate.
  • Free Domain Name: You can get your professional domain name free with every iPage hosting plan for one year.
  • Money-Back: After getting iPage hosting, if you find that it is not fitting with your needs, or you may not comfortable using it. In the event that, it will allow you for a 30 days money guarantee if you don’t want to use it.
  • Easy To use: iPage has a very cool setup wizard so that it is very easy to use for all the users. You need not be an expert in tech.
  • Excellent Uptime: iPage giving the super uptime 99.96% whereas the industry average uptime is 99.95%. So the iPage’s uptime is above the industry average.
  • Update Customer Service: Expert iPage service team is ready to give you updated support for the 24/7 instantly.
  • Easy To Install: For your WordPress blog iPage is very easy to install, it just needs one click.
  • Secure: The world-class security system provided by iPage will save you equivalent to $100.
  • Reliable: iPage comes from such a renowned business house that also the owner of another giant two hosting providers. Therefore, you can rely on it without any hesitation.
  • Site Analytics: You can monitor & track your site how it is performing, and based on that make the next step to get the better performance of your site.
  • Tons Of Free Template: It has over 1000s of pre-built website themes & templates. Therefore, you can pick the right theme from there that suites best with your niche.
  • $200 For Promotion: As you start a blog, or running with an old one. Regardless of that, you need to promote it to get better traffic. iPage will help you in this connection. It will give you a $200 marketing credit to promote your website.

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Cons of iPage: Which Is, On The Off Chance That, Very Negligible

  1. Youtube Channel: iPage is not operating any active YouTube channel.
  2. Windows Hosting: Windows hosting is unavailable for iPage.
  3. cPanel: iPage offers a killer control panel named vDeck, which is very close to the traditional cPanel.
  4. Site Migration: Unlike many other hosting providers, iPage charges at the time of site migration.
  5. Renewal Fees: Yet, $7.99/monthly is not much more, however, compared to the starting price of $1.99/monthly, that seems a little bit bigger.
  6. Environment Fact: It is pretty minor, however, if you are an eco-conscious person then it may make you think twice, as the iPage nowadays is less concerned.
Why iPage is the superb hosting

The Reason Behind We Recommend iPage

Here, on why iPage is a superb hosting provider- we described some of the most important and common features that might help you pick the right hosting. Yet, whatever we have described here is not limited to the tremendous facility of iPage.

In addition to that, it also provides some more positive characteristics, easy and free drag & drop site builder, third–party applications, for instance, that is very useful. Relatively, the iPage is the super budget-friendly hosting provider in the industry.

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