Why Bluehost Web Hosting is The Best [10 Dynamic Reasons]

Bluehost is the biggest hosting provider in the industry established in 2003 and serving over 2 million domains worldwide. It also selected the best web hosting in the world for the year 2013. Due to it’s best quality service, Bluehost getting over 20,00 new users regularly in a single month.

In addition to that Bluehost providing SEO service, marketing service, content producing, graphic design service apart from the full range of web hosting services. Moderately, it also referred to its customers as some other services, domain name, emails, growing visitors by enhancing local business listings, for instance.

On the off chance that Bluehost deeply cares about all types of users, beginners to the expert’s users. Eventually, also regardless of the small business or bigger one, Bluehost entertains the same way to its clients.

Why Bluehost web hosting is the best

  • Outline

Before we start, love to have a look at the outline on Bluehost. As we’ve mentioned earlier it was founded in 2003. It’s headquartered in the USA and the mother company Endurance International Group also a USA bases IT company established in 1997. Bluehost, for the time, is also known as the cheap hosting provider in the industry.

Besides this, it is WordPress’s recommended hosting provider that gives the best industry uptime 99.99% with respectable page loading time. They also make a special focus on small business and digital marketing service givers.

Let’s see

What makes Bluehost exceptional

In the industry, there are plenty of hosting service providers, iPage, HostGator, DreamHost, Hostinger, for instance. And, all they have some fecund features that may make sense for users. However, unlike others, BlueHost remain the top position for a long time by it’s wow features.

  • One-stop solution

For small business owners and digital marketers, Bluehost offers all the solution-based services under one umbrella. It is also true for the bigger one business owners, beginner or expert users.

You might find some “immediate six-figure generates” information for your blog, that’s are outdated or fake. Yet, many small business owners and digital marketers took a step in it and ultimately they become frustrated to see the result.

Bluehost takes care of these types of issues. It provides all the recent and up to date information to its clients that could be used to get more visitors to the site. All marketers can get bits of help from Bluehost, however from one location regardless of its nature, critical or flair.

  • Closed to the dedicated hosting

Bluehost well-thought-out further than mutual hosting. Instead, it is very closed to dedicated hosting. Due to unlike another hosting, Bluehost provides to its customers all the facilities that like the dedicated server, VPS.

  • Recommended by WordPress

Bluehost is one of the fewer hosting providers that officially recommended by WordPress.

  • Bargain the best pricing practice

On the off chance that Bluehost is the cheap hosting provider in the industry as compared with the others that are giving similar features to the users.

  • Trust-worthy

Over 2 millions of user worldwide and on an average monthly 20000 new users indicates that it is solely trust-worthy hosting provider in the industry.

  • Industry best uptime

With 99.99% uptime makes Bluehost as one of the industry’s best uptime giver, whereas industry average uptime is 99.95%.

  • User-friendly

It is as easy as anyone installs it by just one click. In this connection, while using Bluehost, you need not be an expert on technology. Instead, it’s interface will guide you on how to use and what to do now.

  • Money-back guarantee

30 days money-back guarantee given by the Bluehost to its all users. In this connection, if you feel discomfort or face any critical issues that may lead you not to use it, Bluehost will allow you to get your money back. Yet, you need to show the logical answer and claims for money back by 30 days.

  • Updated clients care

A well-trained and updated customer service teal will dedicatedly work for the issues that you are facing. This feature makes Bluehost out of the box, unlike others.

  • Free domain name & SSL certificate

With every registration, you will get a free domain name for the first year. In addition to that, Bluehost will provide you SSL certificate free of cost.

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Pros of the Bluehost that speaks why Bluehost web hosting is the best

  • Most trusted hosting provider: At present Bluehost has the highest users worldwide and that is nearly over 2 million which is increasing dramatically day by day.
  • Most aged in the industry: Another vital reason behind the Bluehost to becomes one of the best hostings is very old-aged. Therefore, very well known to all and also reliable for all the means.
  • Best performance: Whereas industry average uptime is 99.95%, but Bluehost giving 99.99% it shows the best performance can be achieved by only Bluehost. This result showing through the year uninterruptedly. Even, in some months Bluehost uptime reaches 100%.
  • Top loading speed: Bluehost also nominated one of the top mobile-friendly website loading speed by Google. This the second most important item to consider at that time WebHost selection. Bluehost gains the 405/ms page loading speed that is respectable.
  • Budget-friendly: For the beginner, price is the single most important factor while taking a Webhosting. Due to all the beginners don’t want to break the bank to geta hosting, as they have other expenses.

Considering this, Bluehost makes some changes in its pricing. It becomes now just $2.95/monthly with the 36 months plan, formerly it was $7.99/month.

  • Free domain name: You get a free domain name for your registration for one year.
  • Free SSL certificate: Apart from a domain name you also will get an SSL certificate without paying money.
  • Secure: This is true (unfortunately), that while product price becomes cheap, generally it consider the security. Unlike others Bluehost never considers the security, rather they in some cases increase it for the sake of clients’ comfort.
  • One-click installation: It is solely easy to install, gets just a click. So it saves your time.
  • WordPress recommended: Bluehost officially recommended by WordPress, thus, quality is assured.
  • 24/7 Customer service: A well educated and fluents team of customer support always ready to make you a happy user by 24/7.
  • User-friendly: Unlike another Webhosting provider, it has a flair and cool user surface that is very easy to handle. As a result, it is known as the most user-friendly hosting provider in the industry. It is also one of the most important reasons behind their glorious journey in the industry.
  • Additional value: This is a very covert benefit of Bluehost, it will allow you to get almost all the benefits of a dedicated user while paying just the shared hosting cost.
  • Marketing credit: This advantage makes the clear distinguished from other hostings. Blue will allow you to get $200 for advertisement purposes, $100 for Microsoft promotional and the rest $100 for the Google Ads. Yet, after you have to make your first $25 for Microsoft & Google Ads purpose.
  • Unmetered bandwidth: Unlike other, Bluehost offers the unmetered bandwidth for its’s users and it is applicable for all the pricing plans.

Cons of the Bluehost

  • Site migration costs you: To be very honest, with Bluehost if you want to migrate your site, it cost you. Whereas in the industry, most of the hosting provider allows it free of cost.
  • Renewal fees may surprise you: On the chance that Bluehost charges a little bit bigger renewal fees for its users compared with its primary price.
  • Storage factor: Honestly saying, with its basic plan Bluehost should consider the more storage option for the users whereas it is offering a very small amount of storage.
  • Month to month billing option: It doesn’t have any monthly payment options for shared hosting. Instead, it gets the full-year payment at a time.
  • Backup guarantee: Bluehost, unfortunately, doesn’t offer any backup guarantee for your site. Therefore, you have to maintain your daily back up for security reasons.

[If you are WordPress user, don’t worry we are here to help you, just install WordPress backup plugin with your site, it will save your data rightly.]

The final verdict on why Bluehost web hosting is the best

We’ve brief herewith the most important part of Bluehost that stand it out of the box to use. In addition to that, whatever we’ve discussed herewith is not the limit to. Rather, there are also many positive reasons to make Bluehost yours as a web hosting.

Furthermore, don’t dare to forget that Bluehost is the oldest and popular hosting provider getting over 20,000 new users in a single month. Maybe the price is the main reason for that- you might be thinking like that. Not unfair to think it.

Yet, there are numerous items offered by it that makes it outstanding among all the hosting providers in the market. And. that’s all the reasons why Bluehost web hosting is the best hosting provider in the industry.

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