What is VPS hosting? Advantages and disadvantages of VPS hosting!

Nowadays most of the hosting users (due to the price advantage, various simple features, and fairly good quality) buy shared hosting for their website. But in shared hosting, your website is hosted by many more people. That means a virtual computer is used by many people. As a result, the loading speed of the website is reduced from time to time. VPS hosting on the other hand is like your personal computer. If you buy that virtual computer you can use it the way you want. Just like a personal computer. Even if millions of visitors come in a month, the loading speed of your site will not decrease.

VPS Hosting:

The full form of VPS is (Virtual Private Server). When a computer is shared with special software or something else to create many servers, each part is called a VPS. Hope you understand.

VPS Hosting is usually different from Shared Hosting because here the hosting company gives you a separate Ram, Hard Disk, CPU. It means like your personal computer. Basically, they will arrange a separate computer for you. This means that your site is more secure and has better speed. This is not to say that shared hosting is not secure, shared hosting is also secure, but it is a little less than VPS….

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Benefits of VPS Hosting:

  • Websites that use VPS hosting have much higher loading speeds than websites that share shared hosting.
  • Shared hosting is not in one place but separate Ram, Hard Disk, CPU.
  • VPS hosting has more security as only your site will be on one hard disk.
  • The use of modern technology and high-performance hardware in VPS hosting makes the website faster and more secure.

Disadvantages of VPS Hosting

  • Prices are a little higher than shared hosting.
  • A computer like dedicated hosting cannot be used entirely as a server.
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