What is the top-level domain? How many types of domain

TLD = Top Level Domain

E.g. .com, .org, .edu, .gov, .info, .net, etc. These are the highest level domains used for general work or business, organization, educational institution, state institution, information, and networking site.

gTLD = Generic Top Level Domain

Among the TLDs, domains that do not belong to any country are called gTLDs. .com, .org, .edu, .gov, .info, .net, etc. Generic Top-Level Domain

how different types of domain types of domain

0SLD = Sub Level Domain

If there is anything before the Domain Name, it is called Sub Level Domain. Such as blog.nailpatel.com blog here. Is the Sub Level Domain. A domain can have more than one Sub Level Domain.

ccTLD = Country Code Top Level Domain

Domains that different countries have their own Country Code Top Level Domain. E.g.-us (America) .uk (United Kingdom) .au (Australia) .bd (Bangladesh), etc.

In addition, various Professional Websites provide free domains. E.g.

The domain is available for free on Professional Websites.

Moreover, with the change of time, keeping in mind the convenience of the users, the types of domains discussed above as well as the various Domain Extensions have come. If you want, you can select the targeted Niche and take the Domain Extensions of your choice. E.g.

  • .health
  • .club
  • .fun
  • .cat
  • .design
  • .shop
  • .service ETC.

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