What is the domain? Who registered the first domain name?

Now let’s come to the discussion, Domain (Domain) is an English word meaning place or address which is used in the internet world. Basically, a domain name usually refers to the name of a website.

Suppose you set up a business and give it a nice and unique name so that people can easily understand what kind of service you want to provide. The next time people go to take your service, they will easily find your business through the name you have given. For example Prothom Alo, Pran, RFL, Tir, Jamuna, Bashundhara. These are basically the names of a business organization that we can easily understand what kind of services they provide and how people can easily find their address.

A domain is a name by which people will find the website of their choice. This domain name will uniquely identify your website and at the same time, everyone will recognize and access your website using this name.

what is domain What is the domain?

Every website has a specific IP address. E.g. It is usually difficult to remember a website with an IP address. So for the convenience of remembering, the domain name is used instead of the IP address. Domain names are also used to identify one or more computers on the Internet.

Let’s look at some uses of the domain name:  https://www.google.com – https://www.youtube.com – https://www.facebook.com – Here we find Google, YouTube, and Facebook easily with domain names as it is usually difficult to remember the website with IP address.

The domain will not be with .com extension only. These are mainly used based on purpose. I hope you can understand by looking at the following examples. E.g.

All of the domains mentioned above are Top Level domains. If you want to use these on your website then you have to register or buy with money. The price of the domain varies depending on the provider. Usually, these domains are priced between Rs. 800-1200 for one year. However, those who buy for one year have to renew their trade license every year.

Also, with the change of time, different types of extensions have come up keeping in mind the convenience of the users. If you want, you can also take the specified extensions by selecting Targeted Niche. Such as .health; .club; .fun; .cat; .design; .shop; .service etc.

52% of all websites on the Internet are .com domains and other domains have been created on various Websites or Bolg. This means that people generally think that any website ends with a .COM domain extensions. So if you have the opportunity to use .COM Domain Extensions will be right for you. You can Visit to select the Domain Extensions as you like.

Who registers the first domain name:

The first commercial domain name, TLD .com, was the first Symbolics.com domain name. Subsequently, in December 2009, they registered 190 million domain names.

I hope today’s discussion will help you a lot. “What are subdomains and what are the advantages and disadvantages of subdomains?” Click here to know about it.

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