What is reseller hosting? Advantages and disadvantages of reseller hosting!

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is a lot like shared hosting. Reseller hosting is the hosting that you buy from different hosting providers and sell in the market. You can understand better by reading the example below.

Suppose you are a web developer and you have several clients of your own who need a domain and hosting. They asked you to design their website with a good quality domain and a good quality hosting service from the hosting provider. In that case, you bought the reseller package yourself and made your own package, and sold it to your client. This whole process is reseller hosting.

There are currently many resellers who are making good money in the process. Click here for details about the Reseller Hosting package plan.

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Advantages of reseller hosting

1) From a good quality hosting company through a reseller you can sell the purchased hosting package to your customers by making a plan at your convenience.

2) You can keep track of the details of different plans for each customer of the reseller hosting package.

3) Reseller Hosting Package accounts are designed with customer convenience in mind so that later services can be transferred to customers in a very short time and easily.

4) Various hosting service software and systems. For example- WHM, Domain Reseller Account, Client Area, etc. Which provides special benefits in managing reseller hosting packages.

5) Reseller organizations provide all the services as the storage and bandwidth of the reseller hosting accounts can be upgraded as required. So you don’t have to go anywhere else to get hosting services.

In general, the most important thing for any business expansion is to gain business confidence from the customers. So good quality reseller hosting service providers provide adequate information and support for their reseller hosting services. So that the customers of your reseller hosting can easily gain trust and confidence.

Disadvantages of Reseller Hosting

Just as there is a good side to a subject, there is also a bad side. So reseller hosting has different advantages as well as different disadvantages. They are highlighted below-

1) Generally, a shared hosting package plan to reseller hosting package plan is a little expensive.

2) Being a reseller means taking on all the hosting responsibilities of your customers permanently. So if you do not get adequate server related benefits from the reseller hosting provider then it may be the cause of your problem.

3) If the reseller hosting package is constantly growing customers, then you will need to upgrade your reseller hosting plan.

4) Compared to VPS and dedicated hosting, reseller hosting user’s website loading speed, server performance is relatively low.

5) You can’t use a computer like dedicated hosting as a server.


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