What is domain and hosting? How It Works – Learn A To Z!

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The way domains work_

Usually, when you type any website address in the address bar of a browser, the domain works through the following steps: –

For example: – When you enter the website https://itnuthosting.com, the following tasks will be performed.

  • First, the browser searches for the IP address.
  • The request is then sent to the SG nameserver,
  • Subsequently, SG accepts the request and communicates with the primary server from the local server,
  • The IP address of the primary nameserver https://itnuthosting.com is sent to the local name server
  • Finally, the site https://itnuthosting.com appears in the browser.
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Web hosting is a service through which your website will always be on or on. In addition, the website can be displayed worldwide. Basically, you need a space to keep your website content, images, videos, and various files running 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. And that designated space is called website hosting or web hosting. Hosting is usually called a server and sometimes it is also called a web server. Click here for details about hosting.

The way hosting works

When someone writes the domain of your website in a browser and searches the internet, the domain name will be converted to an IP Address and taken to the computer of the web hosting company where your website’s Content, Images, Videos, and various files are stored. The files submitted from there are immediately sent to the visitor or user’s browser. Then the user gets to see that website. This is how web hosting works.

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