What is digital marketing? Differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing?

What is Digital Marketing?

Usually “What is marketing?” We all know that. For example, marketing is the creation of a market with the help of the promotion of a product (new or old). And in this case, the first problem that comes to the fore is to find the right customer for that product. Television, radio, newspapers, etc., which are called traditional marketing, are the easiest means for any company or organization to find this customer. But nowadays the most popular medium from this medium is internet-based marketing which has been named digital marketing.

Digital marketing is the marketing of a product or service using digital technology (internet service) in the simplest sense. At present, smartphones and computers or laptops are becoming the most used media from television, radio, newspapers. And one of the vitality of these two things is the Internet.

Due to the availability of the internet, digital marketing is becoming more effective than traditional marketing. The more people start using technology, the more the field of digital marketing grows.

You can understand the matter in a simpler way if you read the internet user statistics given below.

We get a little idea about the context of Bangladesh. In a world where more than 400 million people currently use the Internet, more than 300 million people use a variety of social media. (Source – statista.com) There are more than 60 million people out of 160 million people in Bangladesh now using the Internet. (Source- btrc.gov.bd) In addition, the popular communication medium Facebook has 3 crore users. In 2012, the total number of Internet users was just over 31,000 (source – btrc.gov.bd). And at that time there were some people using Facebook. These statistics explain why digital marketing is becoming so popular day by day.

Differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing Differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing

Differences Between Traditional Marketing And Digital Marketing.

Hopefully after reading the above topics, what is digital marketing? You have learned the details about this. Let’s take a look at the differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing –

1) Traditional marketing is the promotion of products through television, radio, newspapers, banners of different sizes, festoons, leaflets, etc. On the other hand, digital marketing is the promotion of products to the customer through various social media and popular websites including digital advertising of products such as Facebook, YouTube.

2) The amount of money spent on traditional marketing is much higher and the expected results are much less. In digital marketing, on the other hand, the results are much higher than the amount spent.

3) No complete data is available as a result of advertising through traditional marketing. Which is all the data is available in the case of digital marketing platforms.

4) It is not possible to advertise to the target customer by traditional marketing but it is possible to advertise to the targeted customer through digital marketing.

5) The medium of traditional marketing is much less and is losing effectiveness day by day. On the other hand, the medium of digital marketing is much more and is increasing day by day. As a result, acceptance is increasing.

6) It will take a long time for a company or organization that is currently established through traditional marketing to turn into a billion-dollar business. On the other hand, many companies or organizations that have been established through digital marketing (e-commerce business) have become billionaire businesses. Take for example Pathao – Transport Company. They started the journey in March 2015 with just one compromise and they have been running the main promotions of their service and running it through various social media sites. As a result, their market value is now around 100 million. Ali Express – Online Retail Service is one of the foreign companies.


If you want to be an entrepreneur yourself, you can easily promote your product or service through digital marketing (e-commerce business). Which will play a huge role in expanding your business.

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