What is Bandwidth in Web Hosting?

What is hosting bandwidth?

Bandwidth in computer technology refers to the rate of data transfer per second or per unit time. Typically, this bandwidth is calculated as BPS (bits per second). In other words, the amount of data transfer per second is the amount of bandwidth.

And hosting bandwidth is the amount of data transferred per second or every single time from a server to the computer of each user (who will browse your site).

If your website has become very popular and thousands or millions of visitors visit the site every day. Then you will normally need a lot of bandwidth. In this case, if you use a small amount of bandwidth package, it will be seen that your website will be damaged in the middle of the month. So you should calculate in advance how much or how much hosting bandwidth you will take from the hosting providers in the hosting package of your choice. Let’s find out the details below.

How much hosting bandwidth should be taken:

Typically, all domain and hosting companies provide a specific amount of bandwidth for each of their assigned hosting packages. Such as: 30 GB Bandwidth, 60 GB Bandwidth, 120 GB Bandwidth etc. However, the amount of bandwidth may be more or less depending on the hosting space. Now calculate the amount of bandwidth you need for your website and buy a hosting package. Below is a calculation for your understanding. So, you can do the bandwidth calculation very easily.

What is Hosting Bandwidth?

For example, your website has 5 webpages and the size of each webpage is 100 KB (kilobytes). Now let’s say, 500 visitors, visit 5 pages on an average every day. Then total bandwidth will be required (500 visitors × 5 webpages × webpage size 100 KB) Total = 250,000 KB (KB) or 244.14 MB (MB). In addition, if you keep updating the content on your site every day or provide any service, the number of visitors will definitely increase. So in the beginning you have to buy a little more bandwidth than the proportional calculation.

Note that if you need more bandwidth for any reason in the future, you will know in advance how much you will have to pay. Moreover, many companies take the price later realizing the opportunity. Although nowadays many web hosting companies offer unlimited bandwidth. In that case, find out the details about the Maximum Bandwidth Capacity and Loading Speed ​​of their server.


Hopefully from the overall discussion above what is hosting bandwidth and how much hosting bandwidth should you take? Learn more about it. If you like the articles, don’t forget to share them. And if you have any questions or opinions on this subject, please comment below.

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