What is an SSL certificate? How SSL Certificates Work (Part 01)

SSL Certificate:

Basically, an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a digital certificate that creates an encrypted Secure Connection between a web browser and a web server that helps keep your information and that of your customers secure and trustworthy.

This SSL certificate is usually installed on a web page to secure sensitive customer information such as Login Name, Password, Pin Code, Payments Details (Debit and Credit Card Numbers).

Generally, websites that have ‍SSL certificate will have https: // at the beginning of the website address or URL. And all the sites that you will see http: // at the beginning of the URL SSL Certificate is not given. It is not safe to buy or sell on such sites.

Looking at the figure below will help you to understand more about SSL certificate.

SSL Certificate - Techfoorti.com SSL Certificate

How SSL Certificates Work:

  • When a browser wants to connect to a Web Server with an SSL certificate, the browser first identifies itself to the Web Server.
  • The web server then sends its Web Certificate to the browser.
  • The browser then checks whether the webserver is trustworthy and sends a message to the webserver.
  • Then shows Digital Encrypted Data between Browser and Web Server.
  • Throughout this process, web browsers and web servers display data in a trusted manner, and browsers display web server data secured.


In general, it is really difficult to trust a website without an SSL certificate, especially where customers have sensitive information. For example- Login Name, Password, Pin Code, Payments Details (Debit and Credit Card Number), etc.

So if you have a large website, where this sensitive information is exchanged, I would suggest you use SSL certificate, so that your customers will like your site. At the same time, it will help you and your customers keep their information safe and secure.

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