What is a web page? Important Tools to create and manage web pages

So, anyone can store their required information, audio, video, pictures, etc. on the internet. These can be deposited for a certain amount of money. The space or page for storing such information on the web is called a web page. It can be one or more pages. The first page you see is called the home page.

The development and use of technology are increasing day by day. So at the present time, besides social communication, the use of the internet for business work is also increasing. Every business is publishing its products and services through a website (which consists of several web pages). As a result, a number of useful tools are used to create and manage these web pages. Below are the tools needed to create and manage these web pages and their uses: –

what-is-web-page-hostingreviews.com.bd What is a web page? Important Tools to create and manage web pages

Tools needed to create web pages:

  • Dreamweaver: This is mainly used to create web packages.
  • HotScript: An open script to make your web site attractive.
  • HTML-Kit: Web page coding tools.
  • Auto replaces: Easy to change texts on multiple web pages. (Free)
  • Namo Web Editor: Web site creation tools.
  • Notepad ++ A more advanced version of Notepad. (Free)
  • Serif WebPlus: Web page creation software.

Web site management tools

  • Contribute: To easily update sites and blogs.
  • CoffeeCapFreeFTP: Web Site Upload and Management (Free)
  • Email Check: Check if spammers see your web site email address (free)
  • Firefox Web Developer Extensions: Web Site Publishing (Free)
  • Filezilla: Web site files to upload and management (free)
  • Link Popularity: To verify how popular your web site is with search engines. (Free)
  • Alexa Toolbar: Alexa Site Information (free)
  • Lynx Browser: Check out how you look in Tex Browser (free)
  • W3C Validator: Verifying the coding value of your page (free)

Hopefully, these tools will further enrich your online position. I am saying goodbye here today and good luck to you.

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