What is a subdomain? Advantages and disadvantages of subdomains?

So those who “What is a domain and who registered the first domain name?” If you are not aware of this, they can re-read the post.

Now “What is a subdomain?” That is the main discussion.

Since the domain is a specific IP address. So for the convenience of remembering the domain name (Domain Name) is used instead of the IP address. E.g.-

And sub-domains are the branch domains of all these main domains, that is, in simple words, sub-domains are another domain under any domain. Subdomains are usually created by adding new words to the front or back of the original domain name.

what is sub domain what is subdomain

For example-

https://www.itnuthosting.com It’s being a subdomain

Most of the top-level domains are basically sub-domains added under that domain keeping in mind the business benefits and visitors. The advantages and disadvantages of subdomains are discussed below.

Advantages of subdomains:

  • Subdomain URLs are usually quite small.
  • In the case of subdomains, you can manage DNS separately.
  • You can use a different template for the subdomain as you wish.
  • You can easily manage subdomains as well as post easily.
  • Like the main domain, you can take advantage of the opportunity to create internal links within the subdomain.

Disadvantages of subdomains:

  • In general, the subdomain is technically an independent site. So your main domain will not be affected by the rank of your subdomain.
  • All URLs in a sub-domain site, like the original domain, must be indexed individually.
  • For a sub-domain like a domain, SEO has to be done separately because SEO Juicies do not pass in a sub-domain like a sub-URL. This can be better understood by SEO experts.
  • As well as managing webmaster-tools, analytics, etc. as a separate site.

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