What is a free website? Top 10 harmful aspects of a free website.

You will have to spend a lot of money on these 3 jobs. When you get free access to all of these (domain name registration, web hosting, and design) through a designated company’s website, then that is your free website.

If you search the internet, you will find the websites of many companies that will offer you free domain, hosting, and site-building services. But when you start running the website, you will understand its limitations and you will see many services such as SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth, and many important things including business email are not free.

Think about it, why are they doing this? Surely they have a motive or reason behind it. Most of those reasons are detrimental to beginners.

what-is-free-website-hostingreviews.com.bd What is a free website

Top 10 Disadvantages of Free Websites

If you are thinking of creating such a free site then the following posts are for you. This is why we will discuss the top 10 harmful aspects of a free website. Let’s find out:

1. Unprofessional Web Address:

After selecting the domain name on the free hosting site, they will associate their web address with your domain name. Such as eshop.freewebsite.com; eshop.wordpress.com; Or eshop.weebly.com which looks like an unprofessional web address. Which can never be a professional web address. As a result, serious users will never take your domain name seriously and will never visit your site again. On the other hand, it is difficult for users to remember such a large domain name. So you should use a custom domain. Where normally outside companies charge BDT. 1000-2000 per month for top-level domains. There are much domain and hosting companies in Bangladesh from which you can buy a domain for only 800-1000 rupees.

2. Unexpected Advertisement:

Free hosting companies rely heavily on advertising, and in most cases, the ads are an adult which detracts from the quality and beauty of your website. Which embarrasses users to browse the site.

3. Slow Site Speed:

Most free hosting service providers run a large number of websites on one server. As a result, all the websites on that server load very slowly. A slow website gives visitors a bad experience which is not good at all for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of the site!

4. Limited Bandwidth and Low Disk Storage:

Bandwidth is the amount of data transferred from your server to the user’s browser. It is expensive so the amount of bandwidth on free websites is limited. And these free websites are on the same server. Many websites share resorts and hard disks. As a result, the free companies will give you a very limited disk and when you cross this limit, they will ask you to pay extra!

5. Chances to Hack:

Free websites are always prone to hacking due to a lack of high security. So once your free website is hacked, it will be very difficult for you to get it back. Because free companies give very limited access to hosting your data and files.

6. Malware Distributor:

Free hosting companies are very effective in spreading malware due to various types of advertisements and low-quality security. By doing this your free site will be attacked by viruses and your site data will be destroyed.

7. The site may close at any time (Site will Close Anytime):

Free website companies conduct their business for a fixed period of time. When their business is no longer profitable, they can close down at any time. As a result, you will lose all the data on your site.

8. Information Cell:

The main purpose of free website companies is to make money in any way. So if you do not pay the prescribed charges for their services, they earn money by selling other ways such as your email address, website, and personal information, even your site address and someone else. When you understand this and give them objections, they will turn around and validate them with different types of conditions.

9. Mobile Friendly:

Free website companies often design desktop based dashboards. As a result, it is not mobile-friendly. Which Google dislikes very much.

10. Branded Email:

You can’t open a branded email with your own name just like other things on the free website. As a result, you will always have to use Gmail or Hotmail.

In addition to the top 10 disadvantages, there are a number of other issues. For example, free website companies do not have any backup options, sometimes you will be targeted for email offers. In addition to having limited file upload difficulties, you will not get any kind of customer support.


Premium domains and hosting are a thousand times better than free hosting. There are many domains and hosting companies in different countries of the world and even in Bangladesh which provides good quality domain and hosting services. However, knowing the domain and hosting well then it is better to take it from the right organization. Otherwise, you have to face various problems later.

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