Types of hosting services and how to use? Find out A to Z!

There are basically two types of hosting. Let’s not know the details-

Free Hosting: (which you can use for free)

There are several hosting companies that offer free domains and hosting services. However, if you use your business / personal website in free hosting, then you will not get the security, Unlimted Bandwidth, Email Account, Loading Speed, etc. of your website properly and if the website has a lot of visitors, then the free hosting company will suspend you. Because free hosting is only used to create experimental websites.

Premium Hosting: (which you need to buy and use with money)

There are generally four types of premium hosting. E.g.

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS Hosting (VPS = Virtual Private Server, Hosting)
  • Dedicated Hosting / Server
  • Reseller Hosting

different-type-web-hosting-wordpress-755006-2549095.cloudwaysapps.com Types of hosting services

Shared Hosting:

Shared hosting means that there will be a hard disk in one PC. All the space of that hard disk is shared among many hosting users. Suppose you need 2 GB of hosting space to run your website. In that case, you bought that 2 GB hosting space from a company for a period of 1 year, you can keep all the data or info (Web content, Images, Videos) of your site in that hosting space. The company you bought from has basically rented you 2 GB of space from a hard disk of your PC but will sell the rest of the space to many more like you in package form. And this is Shared Hosting.

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VPS Hosting:

The full form of VPS is (Virtual Private Server). When a computer is shared with special software or something else to create many servers, each part is called a VPS. Hope you understand.

VPS Hosting is usually different from Shared Hosting because here the hosting company gives you a separate Ram, Hard Disk, CPU. It means like your personal computer. Basically, they will arrange a separate computer for you. This means that your site is more secure and has better speed. This is not to say that shared hosting is not secure, shared hosting is also secure, but it is a little less than VPS.

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Dedicated Hosting / Server:

Simply put, when a whole computer is used as a server, it is called a dedicated server. And we call the hosting of this dedicated server dedicated hosting. Dedicated servers are very expensive. This hosting service is good for those whose website is much bigger and needs more security.

Dedicated hosting/server again two types:

  • Managed Hosting
  • Unmanaged Hosting

Reseller Hosting:

Reseller hosting is similar to shared hosting. Reseller hosting is the hosting that you buy from different hosting providers and sell in the market.

Suppose you are a web developer and you have several clients of your own who need a domain and hosting. They asked you to design their website with the services of a good quality domain and hosting provider. In that case, you bought the reseller package yourself and made your own package, and sold it to your client.

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I hope you have read this post and have been able to understand the types and types of hosting.

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