Top 5 Reasons Why Your Upwork Proposal Are Getting Rejected

You write proposals doing everything correct about understanding client requirements and crafting a custom proposal for each client but there seems to be no response from clients.

You even feel you are wasting time writing those proposals as no one is responding to them. You even doubt if your proposals are being read.


Let us identify 5 potential issues with proposals that can lead to such dismal performance of proposals on Upwork?

1. Poor English

If English is not your first language, you may have difficulty in conveying what you want to say in your proposals. It could be one of the primary reasons for a very low response to your proposal in Upwork.

To identify if your proposals don’t convey what you mean. Grab the requirement as well as the proposal you have written for the job. Let your friend read the requirement as well as your proposal you have written and asked him what he understands out of your proposal. See if it is in line with what you wish to convey.

I have seen time and again many Indians have issues conveying in English what they wish to say. Even if you’re not a writer, you need to have the right communication skill along with good command over the English language to communicate with the client.

2. Desperate Price

Not the right price can make the proposal look cheap as well as desperate.

If your proposal looks desperate and not convincing if you can get the job done in a timely manner, you are by no means going to get the job no matter how low you price it.

Apart from that if you are quoting extra cheaper pricing, it could also mean you may not provide value.

As an example don’t include words like please allow me to work on you… a job which can sound you are desperate but instead use it if you allow me to work on your job…

3. Missing Samples

Every client wants to see some sample of your work similar to what they want to build confidence in awarding you the job.

If you don’t have samples that can be verified and attributed to you, it will become really tough for you to get any work in the freelancing world. You may get random some cheap client’s work here and there but nothing on an ongoing basis.

Even if you don’t have samples, you can make a few samples. I don’t mean fake one. What I mean is real ones that you can showcase but those samples may not be work for actual clients but you can list them as your work. It can just be a contribution to the open-source community.

As an example, if you design WordPress themes, create a theme and share it on WordPress themes directory or if you are a Magento developer, share an extension in Magento Marketplace.

You possibly get the idea about samples.

Once you have those samples online, you can add them to your Upwork profile in a portfolio.

4. Incomplete Profile

An incomplete profile never helps and it will not be of much help to you if you just don’t complete it and start in a hurry to apply for a job.

It can be quite enticing to apply for a job that you think you are the best fit for it but then doing it the right way is important.

While completing the profile is crucial, the quality of your profile is also very important. It is not all about making your profile to reach 100% completion mark. Take a moment to complete your profile with quality.

Evaluate your profile. If possible ask a fresh pair of eyes to look at your profile and see if it qualifies for the kind of job you would be applying for.

5. Wrong Projects

You can be an awesome developer but if you don’t have a certain level of experience with Upwork, many clients don’t prefer it. Apart from that many clients prefer to hire a team instead of individual freelancers.

You should respect that and don’t apply for such jobs. You are not only wasting your time and Upwork connects but also the client’s time.

There will be projects where the client is not looking for an expert but is fine with intermediate expertise and want to get things done at a lower cost. Look for such projects.

Are you applying to jobs you are qualified for and your profile shows your qualifications?

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