Top 10 Technology Trends in 2022: AI-Voice-Automation

There are many such technologies that have already made their prominent mark in 2022 and are only a few more applications away from becoming mainstream.

Those are the ones that we have listed as the upcoming and latest technology trends that would become trending by the year 2022.

Without further ado, here are the ten technology trends for 2022 –

1. AI

Artificial Intelligence has been continuing to take its place in the list of top technology trends for quite some years. And now has found a place in 2022 technology predictions as well.

Computers are now capable of learning about the world in the same way as us humans. This leap that AI capabilities have been possible because of the enormous increase in computing power and data. It’s this phenomenal explosion in data, which has enabled AI to advance at a lightning speed since the past couple of years; greater the data an AI has, the faster it would be able to learn and more precise it becomes.

The speed at which AI is growing will prepare it to undertake more human tasks by 2020.


Its present-day tasks of enabling computers to read (studying messages and reports), see (through facial recognition), listen (by enabling Amazon Echo to answer your command), speak ( Siri is able to give you an answer) and even record emotions (through affective computing) will help AI become a technology that no longer needs human intervention to aid its learning.

2. Voice

The future of technologies in 2022 will remain incomplete without Voice. The time when the only relation between voice and technology used to be when we used to talk on our mobile devices is long gone. In fact, the current time of text messaging being the frontrunner in e-commerce and a prevalent part of users’ interaction with their devices, is also slowly passing us by.

Voice Voice

While technologies like Alexa and Siri have already acquainted us with the power of voice in conducting everyday tasks, the applications have still remained very limited. But the future that it has set for itself, has placed Voice base applications in the list of technology trends for 2022.

The near future with a set of new upcoming technology trends will find itself conducting more operations with a voice command. In only a matter of time, every device that we have surrounded ourselves with will be able to function and perform actions with a command of our voice.

Mixed with Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, voice-based applications will find a greater place in users’ everyday activities.

3. NLP

In a year or two, Chatbots would have reached its market potential, with the majority of the businesses employing them to redefine their customer engagement policies. However, by 2022 chatbots would reach a whole different level with the integration of NLP.


Computers, apps, and devices will now be able to understand the true meaning behind what is said. Sarcasm, puns, and double meaning contexts will be clear to the upcoming technologies with the help of NLP.

And users will now be able to ask of things in their natural way of talking and not in words that are “right” for machines and software to understand. The complex algorithms that would go behind it, will be based on millions of computations and predictions that would be generated by mixing AI with all conversations happening between humans and their software/ device.

4. Blockchain

The rate at which Blockchain is growing has placed it at a pivotal point in the list of top technology trends 2022. Blockchain technology is definitely here to stay. While prevalent in only a handful of industries right now, by 2022 the world will see its mass adoption.

Blockchain Blockchain

A number of new elements and processes will be added in the present day’s most disruptive technology. While there is a fair chance that ICOs won’t stick around that long as they might see a fast death because of the stringent regulations.

Cryptocurrencies, the important Blockchain element, will also find itself divided in a number of currencies and would be floated in the market just like fiat currencies. People who are currently unaware of what Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies and where they can spend them, will start doing their everyday transactions with them.

5. IoT

IoT has been finding itself in the list of up and coming technologies to look out for, since the past many years and now again in the list of the year 2022 technologies. Although it has been a little slow in connecting devices and home with each other for quite some time, the future presents a different story for IoT altogether. Pretty much everything would be made smart in the coming time.


While still a handful, it is projected that by 2022, a quarter of billion cares will get hooked by the internet, making them much smarter.

Our homes that already have a series of smart products such as TVs, water heaters, microwaves, yoga mats, and the voice-enable personal assistants like Amazon Echo, etc. We will find a series of new entries in only a matter of time.

There are already a lot of devices, but the IoT is only getting started. IHS has predicted there’ll be over 75 billion total connected devices to support the arrival of the technology in 2022.

6. Edge Computing

One of the least talked about but one of the latest upcoming technologies will take the center stage the day IoT becomes a mainstream technology. While businesses are presently working comfortably in their Cloud setup, things are going to change pretty soon.

Edge computing is a computing element where everything from – information processing, content collection, and its delivery are situated close to the source of information. Latency and connectivity challenges, bandwidth restrictions, and higher functionality are some of the benefits that get embedded at the edge of the source.

Edge Computing Edge Computing

Enterprises, to be a part of the future technological trends should start using edge base design patterns in the infrastructure architectures, especially in those that come with notable IoT elements. For achieving this, the starting point can be using edge-specific and colocation networking abilities.

Being a prominent part of a new technology of 2022, we are expected to witness increased attention being paid to edge computing for enabling intelligent networks, in which the connected devices will be performing the necessary analytics right at the location and would use the results for performing the specific actions. It will all happen within a few milliseconds, as compared to a few hundred milliseconds – the time it takes today with cloud computing. The promise that edge computing comes with, makes it an important addition in the top technology trends 2022 list.

7. Prescriptive Analysis

While the present time is that of predictive analysis, with software giving out prompts on the basis of users’ behavior and past interaction, in the coming time, the plethora of collected user data will help businesses in a much different way.

Prescribed Analysis Prescriptive Analysis

The world of technology in 2022, along with giving businesses the data related to how users would react, will also guide them on how they should act when the user behaves a certain way.

What was once a source of insights will now become a guide of the next profitable move.

8. 5G

By the time 2022 comes, the world would be under the spell of fast internet connection and all the various perks that come attached with it.5g will find its place in the market very soon, bringing with itself benefits such as high internet speed, lower latency, and higher capacities. The benefits that will make it one of the prime future technological trends in 2022 and beyond.

5G 5G

The benefits would make it possible for autonomous vehicles and wireless VR to work with minimal technical hesitancies. The benefit of 5G would be two-fold. Not only would it enrich the user experience by offering higher data rates when we talk by VR or AR, but it will also be much safety favoring, which is where latency point comes in. But just how fast would 5G be? It is anticipated that when it takes 26 hours for a movie to download in a 3G network, in 5G the time would reduce to 3.6 seconds.

9. Facial Recognition

Your face will become the ideal technology partner by 2022. What started with iPhone X with its face ID will be taken ahead by a number of industries who is now using your face for a series of different applications.

Facial Recognition Facial Recognition

From the present ability to unlock your phone just by looking at it, the new technology in 2022 will allow you to unlock your house and car, which would be connected with the internet. You would even be able to withdraw money from the ATM using nothing but your face.

10. Automation

Automation has moved ahead from its involvement in the production lines. There are a number of ways automation will create its presence around us by becoming one the most awaited new technologies of 2022.From packaging juice boxes to delivering pizza in self-driving vehicles, automation is fast climbing the food chain from doing routine tasks to a lot more complex, decision-making tasks.

Automation Automation

Mixed with Robotics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, processes across multiple industries like Food and Beverage, Medical, and Customer Service will become further streamlined and automated by the time 2022 hits our doors.

So here were the ten latest technology trends that are going to see mass adoption before we hit 2022. Are you ready for them?

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The Three Technology Entrants That Will Additionally Redefine the World in the Next 2 Years

A. Big Data

With the evergrowing amount of interaction between machines and humans, the devices that we carry with us every waking hour have become a massive repository of data. Data that is waiting to be converted into meaningful information and insight for businesses to use for offering better service.


If there is anything that Pokemon Go has taught us it is that users are very open to the idea of losing the sense of their reality for a good time in the virtual world. Taking the cue from the interest that Pokemon Go managed to create, a number of business models have come up in a number of different industries like Healthcare, Retail, and Education etc, focusing on giving the users a chance to introduce fiction in their daily life and find something of value at the back of the whole experience.

C. Chatbots

It has already been established that Chatbots are shaping the business growth story by making business available 24*7. The coming years will find the conversion magnet becoming more personal and intelligent with the power of machine learning and predictive analytics technologies.


1. Which technology is the best in the future?

Artificial Intelligence in the best technology for the future. The technology, with its potential to mimic the human brain, has offered a myriad of opportunities/functionalities to different business verticals, such as Real Estate, Healthcare, Education, Travel, Finance, and more.

2. What are future technology trends?

While there are various technologies that exist in the market and will continue to disrupt the market, here are a few that are newly entering the market and are poised to bring transformation:-

  1. 5G technology
  2. Edge Computing
  3. Prescriptive Analysis

3. Which is the best technology to learn in 2019?

While all the aforementioned technologies are proving to be a blockbuster in the market, investing your time and effort into learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be a great decision in 2022.


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