List of Top Free High PR PDF Submission Sites List 2022

Sending PDF SEO is a regular SEO task. If done carefully, this can give your website high authority and traffic. Here are some PDF submission tips to get the most out of your PDF submission

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What is PR PDF / PPT Sending in SEO?

Sending PDF / PPT in SEO is a task done to get backlinks from these submission websites. It is an online marketing technique to get quality inbound links and maximize the visibility of your site on the major search engines. It will also help to get referral traffic to your website.

Tips for sending PDF

Before getting started with PDF submission tips, I recommend that you keep the HTML versions of your content available and PDF files. Also, most of the information I mentioned is on-page SEO.

# 1 Convert PDF files into readable text

Convert all your PDF files into text, if you have scanned from somewhere. You can use Adobe acrobat OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for this. It helps search engines to read your PDF files.

# 2 Title of the PDF submission page

Click on your title, and when people see this, don’t give your PDF a simple tag. Please give it a better title that makes people click once they read the label. You can visit the title generator website for this. It will provide you with a wealth of title ideas for your pdf presentation.

# 3 Use alternative text

If you have used images and other graphics in your submission file, be sure to include the alt text “Alternate Text” for the search engine to understand the pictures.

# 4 No Spam

Do not spam these websites with spam PDF content to get a backlink. You can send high-quality PDFs on this website in return; it will give tons of high-quality traffic and increase ranking.

# 5 Use keywords Rich tags

Most PDF submission websites can allow tag insertion, allowing you to maximize the visibility of your PDF and bring more relevant traffic or PDF submission.

List of Top Free High PR PDF Submission Sites

What is the sending of press releases?

Free press release submission is news provided by a company or business that can be shared on multiple press release sites. After sharing information on free press release sites, a website will get massive traffic and sales in no time. It is also instrumental in search engine rankings if you have a follow backlink.

Free delivery of press releases available on two types of paid Sites and free delivery of press releases.

What’s the difference between a paid and a free press release site?

We have made two distinctions below.

Official Statement Submission is one of the best conventional SEO methods that transmit incredible help to bloggers to get a decent result on search engine result pages. Most bloggers, website managers, and SEO trust that the press release is inactive and has no effect on SEO. A portion of bloggers and website owners do not view the public statement as a fundamental SEO assignment and PR PDF.

Even now, public statement accommodation stands out among other approaches to getting an expansive SERP keyword range and page rank as well.

If you submit your articles to Dofollow’s free press release sites and PR PDF public statement hosting destinations, it also drives the colossal to move to your website/blog. You must properly file an official notice in the right place. The importance is one of the critical factors in adapting the official statement in which you must present a public opinion in a relevant class based on your specialty. It is also essential to give in High PR and seek destinations for official statements.

Press Release Sites List 2020

Website DA Link Type 93 DoFollow 64 DoFollow 56 DoFollow 55 DoFollow 54 DoFollow 54 DoFollow 51 DoFollow 46 DoFollow 44 DoFollow 40 DoFollow 36 DoFollow 36 DoFollow 32 DoFollow 24 DoFollow 15 DoFollow

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