How to use SSL certificate on your website? (Part 02)

How to use SSL certificate on your website How to use SSL certificate on your website

SSL certificate to use for:

It’s really hard to trust a website without an SSL certificate, especially where customers have sensitive information. For example- Login Name, Password, Pin Code, Payments Details (Debit and Credit Card Number), etc.

So if you have a large website where this sensitive information is exchanged, you must use SSL certificate, which will help keep your information and that of your customers safe and secure. At the same time, your customers will like your site.

In addition, using the SSL certificate will give you the following benefits:

  • If you have SSL certificate on your site, you can easily get rank in Google.
  • Google boosts rankings for sites with SSL certificates.
  • Using an SSL certificate will increase trust in your site.
  • The SSL certificate will protect your visitors’ sensitive information from hackers.

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How to install and use SSL certificate on your website:

Usually, some Bangladeshi Vendors offer SSL certificates with different assurances. Also, many foreign good brands have SSL certificates. From which you can easily buy and set up. However, when buying a good SSL certificate, you must buy it with “Website Security Seal” as it is another visible indicator that will make your visitors more confident about website security.

In addition, if you want to set up an SSL certificate yourself, you can set it up through cPanel. In addition to CPanel, you can also set up SSL through ZPane, Vesta Control Panel, or Webuzo.

How to install SSL via cPanel? (Although almost all installed systems are the same)

  • First, go to the SSL option in your cPanel
  • Then the “Private Key” setup will be required
  • Now you need to set up CSR (Certificate Signing Request). From here you will issue SSL.
  • Now login to your purchased SSL customer panel. Here you can find out the CSR. After submitting the CSR, a link will be sent to your email. After verifying it, all the work is complete.
  • (Sometimes code verification may be required, in which case you will receive the code in your mail)
  • Once verified, the SSL code will be sent to your mail. Then you have to go to Install SSL from your cPanel and put the code.
  • Your web site will now show the SSL certificate “Green Signal”.

But one thing to keep in mind. When you install SSL then http: // must be redirected to https: //. Then it will work.

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