How To Start A Blog and Make Money: Beginner’s Guide

In light of the fact, on the web, you will find plenty of topics named how to write a blog to promote your business. Relatively, also a huge amount of articles related to this by different names you may find on the internet.

True to be told that starting a blog is now in 2022 as easy as you ever thought. Due to there are tons of information available within reach. Moreover, blogging, for business or for else reason, is now becoming a very popular way to convey the right message to the right persons.

Therefore, the volume of “bloggers” or “want to be a blogger” is raising every day tremendously. We took the chance, that’s it!

How To Start A Blog: Easy 4 Steps

  1. Choose your niche & blog name.
  2. Get hosting & Install WordPress.
  3. Select your theme to design your blog.
  4. Start writing on your blog & Promote it continuously.

Choose Your Niche & Blog Name

Reason To Start A Blog

You may want to allow to run free your covert talent with some media. Or, want to promote your business via writing. Or else, willing to earn money as a blogger- whatever the reason, you have to state it first.

Keep in mind, to starting a blog you don’t need to be with some groundbreaking pieces of knowledge. Rather, just one up-to-date knowledge on a specific item you are passionate about is well enough to start writing.

Thus, finalize the reason for blogging. It will take only approximately 10 minutes.

Choose Your Niche

This is important to find a profitable niche for blogging. You may have a passion for any specific niche that you like most. Or, for business, you might be looking at the trend of any specific product or service. Thus, you want to promote your business related to this.

Therefore, niche selection is required a great concentration as you are going to brand it for a longer time. Also, it shows that what you are interested in. In fact, it will help you to achieve the target you are blogging for.

It will take only just 5 minutes.

Give A Name To Your Blog

This is the web address of your blog. It solely your band name & represents only you and your product/service. People will call your blog by this name on the internet. They will search and find you by this name.

Keeping in mind all the above things, naming a blog is claims lots of attention. Consider the below matters while giving the name of your blog:

  1. Give an eye-catching name.
  2. Select an easy name that can easily remember.
  3. Never use any special characters in your blog name.
  4. Use a few words – at most 5-8 words (its HOT.)
  5. Choose name.
  6. Use keywords that give the idea to all what is your blog about.
  7. Try to get a dictionary name.
  8. Name your blog that has a great search volume.

It will take only approximately 10 minutes.

Find The Right Platform

In the event of running a blog, you must need a blogging platform. It also called by Content Management System(CMS) in the blogging world. It will help you to rightly manage and do other related things to run your blog efficiently and hassle-free.

There are mainly two types of blogging platforms in the industry- Free– It is sound cool among the beginners, yet, have tons of binding & complications. In fact with a free platform, you can’t able to do all the types of works, especially ads related. They will rule over you.

Another one is a Self-hosted Platform– this is the most popular and very effective for the blogger who wants to generate money or promote any type of business items. Self-hosting fill-up with a lot of facilities. Subsequently, many items related to your blog you will get free with the self-hosting platform.

TechFoorti all the time strongly recommends getting the self-hosted blogging platform. It will enable you to rule over them. Eventually. they will give you a quality and up to date support to make a buzz with your blog in the market.

Finding the right platform to start your blog will cost you only approximately 10 minutes.

You are getting the guide related to how to start a blog in 2022

Yet, this topic also covers how to write a blog to promote your business. In relation to that, we have already described the most initial parts of the topics. If you are not a beginner and know all the process that we have brief above, jump to the next one;

Get Hosting & Install WordPress

Now, this is the time to get Web hosting. At the same time, you need to install a CMS (Content Management System) WordPress installation.

Get Hosting

An important step in starting a blog. Web hosting is your internet storehouse where you can store all of your blogs and related files. Readers can find, read and download them. In fact, short of hosting, your blog can’t be operational.

We strongly recommend you to take your hosting from the Best hosting providers for WordPressYou may also have look at the domain and hosting package. Also, you will reimbursement your hosting bill at this point & accomplish your hosting account.

At the time of selecting the web hosting provider, you need to be very intelligent. Go for such types of hosting providers that are recommended by WordPress & can easily install with WordPress. This, thick will help you to set up your blog in a time-saving way.

Besides this, it also helps you to run the blog hassle-free. Though there are many Web hosting providers available in the industry, Blue Host, Site Ground, Dream Host, Host Gator, Hostinger, Fat Cow, for instance.

Among all, Blue Host positively makes sense for the blogger regardless of beginners or experienced. Then, let’s see what are the reason behind it;

  • Blue Host officially recommended hosting provider by WordPress.
  • This is the oldest hosting provider in the industry.
  • Most popular in the hosting market.
  • Excellent client backup-24/7 makes it easy to distinguish from others.
  • It offers a wide range of tariff-package.
  • Industry best-up time-99.99 %.
  • Market average loading time.
  • Most trust-worthy hosting providers that keep you in a secure position.
  • Free domain with each registration.
  • Free SSL certificate.

Consequently, keep in mind, whatever described above about BlueHost is not limited to. Instead, there are also some facilities you can enjoy while start working with it. In fact, BlueHost could be the hosting choice for your blog.

Install WordPress

In the internet world, it called CMS- Content Management System. Just imagine, you are about to start a fashion house, then you need a space to display and manage your product, right?

Like that, this is the place where you will write and manage your writings while starting a blog. In the industry, there are several blogging platforms and most of them workable. Squarespace, Weebly, WordPress, Wix, Blogger, for instance, comes in mind.

However, WordPress is the best one of all the blogging platforms. Most of the blogger’s first choice is WordPress due to its tremendous quality service. Moreover, WordPress has the most user-friendly features that are very easy to run, even for a new person.

On the off chance that whenever asking raise on how to start a blog in 2020 for beginner, we recommend installing WordPress without any hesitation. This answer also applicable to how to write a blog to promote your business.

We guessing you are ready to start your blogging with WordPress as it is most popular and usable. In that case, let’s see how to install it. In fact, it just takes a few clicks- without any special knowledge on it.

Here we go:

Log in to your hosting account, then click “Install WordPress.”

how to start a blog in 2020

Select the “Do it yourself” option, then click on “Install.”

how to start a blog in 2020

Now, click on the “Check Domain” option.

how to start a blog in 2020

These two clicks are the last part of your WordPress installation- firstly be agreed with their terms & condition and the, click on “Install Now.”

how to write a blog to promote your business

OK, you have already installed successfully your blogging platform WordPress. It is ready now to write and run. Yet, it needs some design so that it could see with a decent view in front of the visitors. Without make it well design, it will look like as below;

how to write a blog to promote your business

Though it is ready to write, however, a little bit off-attitude, isn’t it? Therefore, it needs to make it in good shape by setting a lucrative theme. By the way, designs named theme in the blogging world. Thanks to WordPress offers tons of theme for its users.

  1. Select your theme to design your blog

Yet, there is a chance to be confused about “what to choose” among lots of. We recommend picking the theme that best fits your blog niche or subject. 5 best multipurpose WordPress themes 2020 recommended by Techfoorti. OK, let’s see the process:

You need to access your WordPress admin- Then, you will see the below box and fill it up with your user name & password.

how to write a blog to promote your business

After entering rightly user name & password, this box will come to you;

how to write a blog to promote your business

Don’t be panic, it is really easy after a few clicks.

Then go to the “Appearance” menu in the sidebar and then, click on the “Theme” as below.

how to write a blog to promote your business

Then clock on the “Add New” button placed at the top.

how to start a blog

In this section, there is an option for filtering the features of the theme. Pick the right one that best suits your style by clicking on the “ Feature Filter” icon.

how to start a blog

You can be able to filter it in three ways- “layout”, “Features” and “Subjects.” The filtering box might look like below;

how to start a blog

Having your filtering you will have below picture, however, free but beautiful; whenever you click on any of these demos, it will show you the real & exact view of your blog will look like. Select the one fit for your blog.

Then, click the “Install” button.

how to start a blog in 2020

And, make finale click on the “ Activate” button to finish your WordPress installation.

how to write a blog to promote your business

Customization & optimization of your blog

Though you are now all set to write your blog on your WordPress platform. However, you may need to have some beautification- in the blogging world, it called customization, to make it very comfortable to use.

Subsequently, you also need to make some optimization to reach your readers immediately. Keep in mind, your blog site is fundamentally ready to use, as you have installed themes.

But, WordPress, fortunately, offers you something more to get a good finishing. Thanks to WordPress once again as it comes with some plugins, that make your blog better with functioning.

For instance, you have to add some must-have WordPress plugins for SEO management, additional forms, add slides, contact form and so on.

Start writing on your blog & Promote it continuously

In fact, you can start your blog from here. All the functioning has been done tremendously in an appropriate way. Now the time to describe whatever you are thinking to brief to your readers.

In the event that you may use some content writing tools. Or, you can also happy to use the WordPress content writing plugins. If is it not for you, rather you want to write it by yourself, then, it’s OK, start writing.

how to write a blog to promote your business image: Adobe Stock

Consequently, whatever you are writing that might requires some promotional activities to properly reach your perfect readers. Due to achieving the ultimate goal to have more traffic to your site, you should use some very useful tools, best content marketing tools, for instance.

As a final point, on how to start a blog in 2022, Or, how to write a blog to promote your business– these both asking leads to the one answer whatever we’ve described above. You just need to follow the above-mentioned steps rightly to start your blogging journey.

Oh, you have a BONUS!

In the event of writing please take care of the below points;

  • Choose the best keywords/keyphrase that has a huge search volume. There are plenty of free tools for keywords research.
  • Make an eye-catching title of your content. You might wish to use the article title generator.
  • Use an appropriate tone for each content.
  • Make it human-readable- as easy to understand.
  • Don’t let it be with grammatical errors.
  • Use the relevant image in your article.

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