How to protect your WordPress hosting site from hacking? Find out 10 security tips!

So if you have a WordPress hosting site, then you must do some work with WordPress security, that is, hacking is not easy. So in today’s post, we will discuss “How to prevent your WordPress hosting site from being hacked?” In this regard. Hopefully, by following the 10 security tips below you will be able to keep your WordPress hosting site fairly safe from hacking.

wordpress How to protect your WordPress hosting site from hacking? Find out 10 security tips

How to prevent your WordPress hosting site from being hacked! Find out 10 security tips!

1. Customize the login page URL:

Typically, most WordPress login page URLs, such as / wp-login.php or / wp-admin, are added to the end of the domain name, so customizing the login page URL should be the first step in securing the website. Because the backend of the website is accessed with the username and password, the hackers carry out the brute force attack from here.

2. Change the default username “admin”

Change the default username of WordPress to ‘admin’ and add one of your choices. Otherwise, hackers will be able to easily hack your site by using various software and running login attempts. Many sites are hacked every year just because of the use of this username. To change the admin user login name as soon as you can.

3. Keep the log in limit on the site:

One of the favorite hacking systems for hackers to hack websites is Brute Force. Through which they attempt to log-in to a website using a large number of possible username and password combinations. So keep the log in limit on the site so that if someone tries to log in more than 3 times and is not successful, then he may see a captcha code next time or his IP will be blocked. That means he can no longer log in. In this case, there are several plugins with which you can do this. E.g.

4. Use two-step authentication:

Having two-step authentication on the login page is another good security measure. Most of the time passwords are seen to be hacked. So use two-step authentication or two levels of security. This is because, in this two-tier verification process, the user has to use a regular password in his account as well as another code on the smartphone and tab while logging in. It provides an additional level of security. Many services like Apple, Google, Facebook, Dropbox have this two-level verification process.

5. Hide such information that visitors do not need:

There is usually a lot of information that shows up on the WordPress site but those visitors don’t need to know. For example, the WordPress version is significant. So keep such information hidden. This way hackers will not be able to hack your site by using software according to any prescribed version.

6. Use email instead of login user:

We usually input a username to login to WordPress by default. In this case, we can make our site more secure by using an email ID instead of a username. Because any username can be traced very easily but email id cannot be traced easily. In this case, we can take advantage of this using the WP-Email Login plugin.

7. Be careful in using the plugin

The need to use plugins on WordPress sites is immense. This does not mean that you will use unnecessary plugins. So use as many, accurate, and minimal plugins as possible. Especially in all cases where the plugin works with your special data, if it is hacked, there may be a problem with your site, so if necessary, before installing the plugin, check the reviews and ratings of those plugins.

8. Use appropriate themes:

Theme selection is very important in creating a WordPress site. Because visitors value it. So refrain from downloading and using free themes or premium themes for free. Because it has a lot of bugs that hackers can easily hack your site. However, if you want to use a free theme, then you must see the review of the theme.

9. Keep a backup of the site:

Creating a WordPress site takes a lot of labor and time. Because if your site falls into the hands of a black hat hacker, then the site’s database will be destroyed. So keep a backup of your site regularly. Most premium themes now have the “built-in” option. If not, you can use a plugin or do it manually.

10. Keep WordPress version updated:

Always keep up to date with themes, plugins, and versions used for your WordPress site. This is because earlier versions contained many security bugs that were discovered by hackers or WordPress officials. Basically, the purpose of publishing a new version is to cut down on all the bugs in the previous version (such as security, systems, databases, etc.) and present a beautiful blogging system. So keep updating your WordPress version as soon as you publish the new version.

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