How to measure oxygen level accurately with a pulse oximeter

The correct way to use a pulse oximeter:


1. Make sure your hand is relaxed, warm, and just below the heart


2. Pulse oximeter measures the oxygen level of our blood with the help of light. So using a pulse oximeter in direct sunlight may not give accurate readings.


2. If there is nail polish on the finger of the finger you want to test, remove it with a 'nail polish remover'.


3. The company you buy the device from will get a guide with the device Read the instructions before using the device.


4. Wait at least 2 minutes to get a stable reading


5. Always keep your readings on a piece of paper or somewhere else with the time and date so that the doctor can make further decisions based on your readings.


If the reading goes below 89%, it may indicate disease in your heart or lungs. Constant readings below 89% are a potential health hazard. So it is important to take the help of a doctor in this situation


Factors that can prevent you from getting an accurate reading include:


1. nail polish


2. Directly intense light


2. unclean nails


3. Cigarette use


5. Skin density.


6. skin temperature


8. If the speed of blood circulating in the body is low

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