How to choose the right domain name? Find out 6 important tips!

Before we get into the details, let’s take a look at “What is a Domain?”

A domain is an English word meaning place or address that is used in the internet world. Basically, a domain name usually refers to the name of a website. In a word, a domain is a name used to identify one or more computers on the Internet (instead of an IP address).

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Let’s take a look at 7 important tips on how to choose the right domain name

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7 Important Tips on Domain Name Selection:

1. Choose a small and easily remembered domain name. E.g. If you use such words, the visitors are less likely to type or remember.

2. Trying to keep the domain name Brandable. For example, when a customer usually sees a branding website like, they will easily understand that this website basically provides hosting services and will help in the selection of hosting packages in detail.

3. If you have the opportunity to use it.COM Domain Extensions. Because 52% of the websites on the Internet.COM domain and other domains have been created with various Websites or Bolg. This means that people generally think that any website ends with a.COM domain extensions.

4. Do not use unnecessary words, characters, or symbols (hyphens) in the domain. This is because visitors are more likely to misspell when typing a domain name, which can be a barrier.

5. Do not select the domain name with the keyword. By doing this, if the content of your site is low quality, then Google can also give a penalty to your website.

6. Before registering the domain name must make sure that your chosen name is not being used by Trademark, Copyright-free, or any other company. Because if you don’t, you may face a lot of problems in the future, including facing major legal complications.

7. Finally, register the domain name of your choice quickly. Because everyone wants to select a Brandable domain name of their choice. Therefore, the domain name of your choice should be registered as soon as possible without any fuss.

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