How to buy a good quality domain and hosting?

How to buy a good quality domain:

What is the domain? We all know that. If you don’t know, you can visit our previous post. Click here

Registering a domain is as easy as registering other sites. In this case, you just have to go through a few steps. Watch the video to know more about how to register a domain.

best domain How to buy a good quality domain

Currently, the number of internet users is increasing and so are the various categories of websites. So what do you do if someone has already registered the domain name of your choice? No tension! After checking if the domain is empty if you see that it is not empty or someone else has bought it, add something before and after the desired domain name.

For example: – If you have selected then you can easily buy a domain with or

Again by changing the .com extension you can also take the specified extension by selecting your targeted Niche with .org .info .net .bd etc Such as .health; .club; .fun; .cat; .design; .shop; .service etc.

Internationally, the annual prices of popular “Top Level Domains” (.com .org .info .net) vary depending on the provider. Usually, these domains are priced between Rs. 800-1200 for one year. However, those who buy for one year have to renew their trade license every year. Different organizations in our country register domains at different prices. To register (.bd) and .bangla (.bangla) domains you can buy from BTCL – (Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited) website.

Also, if you don’t want to bother yourself, you can easily get it from IT Nut Hosting Company with bKash, Rocket, and other payment methods. They register the domain through BTCL’s payment price and their fixed service charge.

Note: There are many hosting companies from which if you buy the prescribed hosting package, they will give you the desired domain registration for free for one year. Again, many merchants start registering domains for 100 to 600 rupees with various offers or temptations starting from free. In fact, it is not possible for a trader to make a profit by selling a domain for less than BDT 750.

If someone is making such an offer then it should be understood that maybe they are subsidizing to capture the market or some other marketing policy is working here. In this case, you must knowingly register the domain from the right organization.

How to buy good quality hosting:

We know how to buy a good quality domain. Now let’s find out how to buy good quality hosting from the right organization.

web hosting in How to buy good quality hosting
  • First, learn more about web hosting packages.
  • Read the hosting reviews and conditions carefully.
  • Check disk space, bandwidth, and server performance.
  • Learn about backup, uptime, and user control panel.
  • Verify customer support.
  • Be careful not to get caught up in the lure of tempting prices.
  • Ask for maximum security or high-security assurance.
  • Lastly, make sure that the company offers a money-back guarantee before making a purchase.

 If you have more questions about this, you can comment below. We will try to answer all the questions.


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