How Freelancers Can Build Regular Source of Clients

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The tough part of freelancing is getting clients, the toughest part is getting clients on a regular basis to take up freelancing as a choice of career. So can freelancing be considered a stable choice of career in the first place?

Is Freelancing a Stable Choice of Career?

The answer to this question will depend on whom you are asking but I believe every developer should consider freelancing because it is not only a stable choice of career but more importantly it is also satisfying choice of career. You work from home, you have time for your family, you choose whom you want to work with and when yada yada and the list of such freelancing benefits are long.

Freelancing is a good choice of career but it also needs clients on a regular basis. If you aren’t able to find clients consistently, you aren’t going to be a stable freelancer.

So let me share how I manage to have more than one source of stable and regular source of clients.

How to Have a Constant Source of Clients?

Every freelancer is looking for clients. As more and more developers turn to freelance, it is getting tougher and tougher to get started as a freelancer.

When I started things were much easier than they are today. You can’t time travel, so the next best opportunity is to start today than to wait till tomorrow as there will be more freelancers tomorrow than they are today.

If you want to start today and want a stable freelancing career, it means you have to do things a lot differently than someone who started a few years back. So here are a few things for you to consider

1. Employer as first Freelancing client

More and more employers are trying to hire a workforce that doesn’t need the costly real estate space of the office.

Look for an option where if your employer allows you to work from home or has an option to work part-time. In either case, you will have extra time to work for freelancing clients and have a stable source of money for your basic monthly expenses.

Work from home doesn’t mean you work less for your employer but it means you save time on the commute and have work extra hours to build a freelancing career.

If your employer doesn’t allow you to work from home or accept you as a part-timer, switching a job is also an option. You don’t need to work with a company for a few years before asking to work from home or part-time. You can clarify in the interview of how and why you prefer working from home or work part-time only. If large companies do not allow it, look for a job in a small startup.

Tip: LinkedIn can a good site to get on with some part-time job opportunities.

2. Don’t Underestimate Freelancer/Upwork

When I started freelancing, my main source of clients was Elance (now Upwork) and as of today one of my main sources of the client is Upwork.

Once you are in a global market place, you have to be competent more on quality than on price but if you prefer to be in the price competitive technologies, you can have a tough time finding clients from such marketplace on a regular basis.

If you assume that creating an account on Upwork and just copy-pasting few dummy sample links in your proposal will get you your first paying client, you are doing it all wrong. You have to build your Upwork profileWrite Custom Proposals and work your way out of the proposal rejections.

3. Do Some Free Work

Developers aren’t ready to work for free but they are ready to work for the rest of their life at cheap rates.

Which one will be easier?

  • Build a sample and email it to a potential client.
  • Bidding endless hours on Upwork and hoping some client hires you.

Everyone will say the first one easier but the question is how to find a potential client?

If you are a web developer look for a site that you can improve on or look for clients on Upwork who have shared their website improvement requirements. List all the improvements that need to be done along with how they can achieve the same and email it to them using the contact option available on the website as well as submit your proposal on Upwork. There are high chances that you will land up with your first client much faster than you can ever imagine.

If you are an Android developer, you can follow a similar process of making an Android app compatible with the latest Android version or follow this process I shared here.

If you work in a CMS like WordPress or Open cart, look for a plugin that the client uses that you can make it better, do it and submit that plugin for free and then let the webmaster know how your plugin can make their life simple.

It is better to work for free than to work at an undervalued price.

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4. Synergize With Other Freelancers

Do not consider other freelancers as your competitors. There is too much work for every one of us and once you treat them as your ally than your competitors, a lot more can be done.

Some of the examples of being an ally with a fellow freelancer can be

  • Complete end to end solution. For example as a developer, partner with a designer to provide complete design and development services.
  • Or partner with a seasoned freelancer where you can work for him as a ghost freelancer.

Ghost freelancing may not be fruitful for building your reputation but it can definitely help you with a constant source of money without a need to hunt for clients and can provide you much-needed stability to your freelancing career.

If you don’t know any freelancers personally, look for freelancers on Upwork in your area.

5. Blog (Or at-least create content)

If you aren’t blogging (or simply creating content), you are leaving too much money on the table. It is a very common mistake among Indian freelancers.

Developers are often stuck at some point or the other trying to get things done. They use Google to find a way out of the issue using multiple resources. But you aren’t the last person on this planet to face this issue and others will have exact same issue.

If you share a solution as content on your blog or create a video for such an issue, it will fetch traffic who are looking for what you have already done. Some solutions may be complex for your readers (or viewers for video) to do it themselves and they may hire you to get it done.

It may not work overnight but over a period of time, you will have a good source of clients coming from the content you have shared in the past. Your content can help you fetch clients instead of you trying to hunt for them.

On top of that, you can always use your content as a reference in Upwork proposals to project yourself as an expert.

6. Reference / Word of Mouth

If you provide good service to your clients and maintain a professional relationship, they will be happy to refer their friends and colleagues to you.

It is one of the best ways to land new clients without doing any work to fetch them and more importantly people trust personal recommendations more than anything else.

The main source of a constant client for me is a reference from my existing clients and it is not only a continuous source of clients but it is the best method to fetch high paying clients.

7. Existing Contacts

Don’t disregard friends or relatives as potential clients. There is no harm in approaching them for what you do. Many very small businesses are looking for technical help and if they don’t approach you doesn’t mean you can’t approach them.

There are small businesses that are trying to set up a website online and if you can help them, they will be more than willing to pay you for your services.

Final Thoughts

Clients are bread and butter of freelancers. So don’t leave any option untapped to find new clients. You never know how it can be the next good source of regular clients for you.

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