Blog commenting is an old link-building strategy that used to works better up to 2014. Google is frequently making changes in the algorithm to deliver the best possible results for the user’s query. That’s why some SEO strategies may stop working after Google updates. But blog commenting still has value in 2020.

Garbage In Garbage Out!! Every SEO strategy gives a better result if it is done in the right way. Similarly, blog commenting can be poison for your website if you don’t know the right way to write comments in blogs.

Don’t worry!! To make the blog commenting task easier and valuable for you, here I am going to share genuine tactics of writing blog comments along with a huge list of high DA sites.

Before starting the blog commenting, here are major facts you should look for:

  • Niche of website
  • Domain authority score
  • Blog topic
  • The commenting system used in the blog
  • What type of blog comments are getting approval

Why is Blog Commenting important?

Besides link building, blog commenting is a powerful bridge that connects a blogger with readers. It is beneficial for both blog publishers and commenters.

1. Referral Traffic:

If your qualified blog comment gets more link clicks from a niche relevant blog then it can help you to rank higher and drive lots of traffic too.

2. Get connected with influencers:

Interacting with the top bloggers is like a dream for a newbie blogger. Through blog commenting, you can achieve this dream. If you can write a good comment then you can start a conversation with influencers in the comment section.

3. Make your readers happy:

It provides an easy interface for conversation where your readers can interact with you. You can make your readers happy by just replying to their comments.

Make your readers happy by replying to their comments.

Check the image above, one of my readers is asking me to review his website. I replied to his comment with some suggestions that he needs to implement on his blog.

How to write a genuine blog comment?

Every blog publisher love to read a genuine blog comment. A genuine comment helps a commenter to interact with the blog publisher. It will also attract the attention of other commenters.

Here are the crucial steps you need to follow while doing blog commenting so you can write a genuine comment on high DA sites.

QuickTips: All of the sites give NoFollow attributes in the “rel” tag so only choose the website having high DA instead of searching DoFollow sites.

#1. Make an account on Gravatar:

First, make an account on Gravatar. It will show your profile on all comments if you are using an email that is connected to a Gravatar.

my comment in Backlinko blog

#2. Choose niche relevant blogs:

If you are leaving comments on blogs that are not relevant to your niche, you won’t get clicks on the links, because people who read your comment aren’t interested in your niche. So only choose niche relevant blogs. Here you can find high-quality blogs with their domain score in your niche.

#3. Read the whole post:

Don’t be in a hurry. Read the whole blog post content before writing a comment. Newbie commenters drop generic meaningless comments like “Thanks for the information” or “Nice article” without understanding what information is covered inside the post.

Generic meaningless blog comment

Even a newbie blog publisher would not appreciate and approve such generic comments. So don’t show your greedy nature to get backlinks.

Thus, it is necessary to read the whole content to write quality comments. Another benefit of reading the whole post is you will learn new insights from competitors.

#4. Write a topic-relevant comment:

Writing comment that is relevant to the blog topic is also necessary. If your comment is not related to the topic, it’s spam. No one will accept spam comments like this.

Comment that is not relevant to blog topic

If you are reading an article about “WordPress Security“, you need to write a comment related to WordPress website security and not WordPress speed.

#5. Ask a question in the comment:

Ask a question in blog comment

If you really want to write an eye-catchy blog comment, ask a question to the blog publisher in the comment. It helps your comment to be quite attractive and different from other comments. But never ask a question that is not related to the topic.

What to avoid on blog commenting?

Every SEO strategy gives a better result if it is done in the right way. If you leave a spam comment then expecting good results is worthless.

To protect the website from spam comments, bloggers use the Askimet tool that filters out the spam comments. This tool may also blacklist your email address and domain. Hence, you should add only a natural comment.

spam blog comment

Here is the list of things you should avoid in blog commenting.

  • Writing comments on the blog that uses Facebook or Disqus tool. Because it will not provide any juice to your site.
  • Leaving comments on blogs that are not relevant to your blog niche.
  • Writing comment that is not related to the blog topic.
  • Over-optimizing with your keyword in the name section.
  • Adding a website URL in the name section.
  • Using a fake or invalid email address on the comment.
  • Not using your full name in comments.
  • Using an email address that’s not connected to the Gravatar account.

Tools Used In Blog Commenting Sites

Before writing comments, one thing you should care about is the commenting tool. There are various commenting tools used in blogs. Here is the short guide on how commenting tools factor the blog commenting.

Disqus Blog Comments

Websites that use the Disqus commenting tool comes under this type. Here you have to be registered on Disqus then only you are allowed to leave a comment.

With Disqus comment, you can increase Disqus followers but you will not get backlink and referral traffic from the website.

2. Instant Approval Comment:

Websites where your comment is approved instantly or even without moderation. The problem with this commenting system is that everyone can easily publish their comment which may increase the spam rate of your website.

So it would be much better to check whether the website where you are adding comments is either malicious or banned by search engines. Also, check the number of comments displayed on the blog, reject such an instant approval blog that has more than 50 comments.

3. CommentLuv:

CommentLuv enabled blogs are famous in the blog commenting field. Most of the bloggers choose CommentLuv blogs for blog commenting because it incentivizes good comments with followed links.

According to researches, blog commenting on CommentLuv blogs actually helps to pass valuable link juice on your website.

CommentLuv plugin retrieves the latest blog posts of comment authors by visiting the site while you type your comment. You can choose which link to include at the bottom of the comment.

CommentLuv Blog Comment

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Free Blog Commenting Sites List in 2020

blog commenting sites

Blog Commenting Sites for Digital Marketing Blogs

If you are running an online digital marketing business or a blog then here is the list of high authority digital marketing, social media marketing, SEO, & Blogging blogs for blog commenting. DA: 38
hustlr.comDA: 35
backlinko.comDA: 64
bloggingwizard.comDA: 50
bloggingrocket.netDA: 22
backlinkslist.comDA: 14
guideblogging.comDA: 18
searchenginepeople.comDA: 61
tipsonblogging.comDA: 27
4seohelp.comDA: 23
www.seobasics.netDA: 24
latestseotutorial.comDA: 30
blogtyrant.comDA: 53
advancedwebranking.comDA: 55
shemeansblogging.comDA: 31
inspiratti.comDA: 20
sweetandsimplelife.comDA: 25 15
rahuldigital.orgDA: 37
bloggingjoy.comDA: 32
devrix.comDA: 40
freshersbuddy.comDA: 12
solutionfall.comDA: 25
blogbrandz.comDA: 33
gyanow.comDA: 12
blogrankseo.comDA: 34
masterblogging.comDA: 46
educationviews.orgDA: 54
bloggingtips.comDA: 51
blogrex.comDA: 30
gorgeousingrey.comDA: 39
selfhostedlife.comDA: 18
digitaldurbar.comDA: 18
expert-seo-training-institute.inDA: 27
seofreetips.netDA: 28
twinsmommy.comDA: 41
beautifuldawndesigns.netDA: 41
bloggerspassion.comDA: 47
trafficcrow.comDA: 32
99techpost.comDA: 30
dpvishwakarma.comDA: 22
ibuzzr.comDA: 22
bloggingexplorer.comDA: 15
allbloggingtips.comDA: 54
basicblogtips.comDA: 60
beamoneyblogger.comDA: 30

Blog Commenting Websites List for Health Niche Blogs

simpleula.comDA: 33
drandreadinardo.comDA: 23
cancerkillingrecipe.meDA: 22
100daysofrealfood.comDA: 65
vitaminsandhealthsupplements.comDA: 25
hivehealthmedia.comDA: 51
TheMasterCleanse.comDA: 48
tailsaroundtheranch.blogDA: 12
artofbeingfabulous.comDA: 22
livelaughrv.netDA: 25
therapybits.comDA: 15
dreamingofguatemala.comDA: 22
thelonelyauthorblog.comDA: 10
diabetesstrong.comDA: 52
healthresource4u.comDA: 40
fitnessvsweightloss.comDA: 35

Travel Blog Commenting Sites List

If you are running a travel blog or a travel agency website, blog commenting on high authority travel blogs will be valuable for you. Here is the list of high authority travel blog commenting sites.

boardingarea.comDA: 78
expertvagabond.comDA: 64
globalgrasshopper.comDA: 59
dangerous-business.comDA: 55
thepoortraveler.netDA: 55
velvetescape.comDA: 54
the-shooting-star.comDA: 53
inspiringtravellers.comDA: 48
inditales.comDA: 44
sid-thewanderer.comDA: 43
shalusharma.comDA: 41
adventurouskate.comDA: 65
backpackingmatt.comDA: 43
bemytravelmuse.comDA: 59
theblondeabroad.comDA: 62
bordersofadventure.comDA: 52
brendansadventures.comDA: 55
bucketlistjourney.netDA: 52
danflyingsolo.comDA: 46
theplanetd.comDA: 68
everything-everywhere.comDA: 61
davidsbeenhere.comDA: 46
foxnomad.comDA: 66
ordinarytraveler.comDA: 54
onemileatatime.comDA: 70
whywaittoseetheworld.comDA: 53 DA: 52
thepoortraveler.netDA: 55
travelwithbender.comDA: 52
retireearlyandtravel.comDA: 29
saltinourhair.comDA: 47
soultravelblog.comDA: 37
nomadicmatt.comDA: 76
pausethemoment.comDA: 42
keepcalmandtravel.comDA: 50
jessieonajourney.comDA: 53
nerdnomads.comDA: 48
theinsatiabletraveler.comDA: 45
indianajo.comDA: 44
iamaileen.comDA: 60
monkeysandmountains.comDA: 55
placepass.comDA: 42
migrationology.comDA: 59

Tech Sites List for Blog Commenting

techfoorti.comDA: 38
theverge.comDA: 93
geekwire.comDA: 86
extremetech.comDA: 83
technewsworld.comDA: 78 DA: 83
trak.inDA: 64 DA: 56
techwalls.comDA: 57 DA: 41
shoutmetech.comDA: 35
techlast.comDA: 29
troublefixers.comDA: 42
techspot.comDA: 80 DA: 34

Blog Commenting Sites List for Finance Niche Blogs

MoneySavingMom.comDA: 71
SavingAdvice.comDA: 63
blogcomfree.comDA: 50
modestmoney.comDA: 54
christianpf.comDA: 56
manvsdebt.comDA: 56
safalniveshak.comDA: 45
financialhighway.comDA: 52
onemint.comDA: 43
beatingbroke.comDA: 39
topfinanceblog.comDA: 25
thirtysixmonths.comDA: 31
web.finweb.comDA: 58

Free Real Estate Sites List for Blog Commenting

barrettsothebysrealty.comDA: 42
edmontonrealestateblog.comDA: 16
louisvillegalsrealestateblog.comDA: 30
blog.liveinalpharetta.comDA: 11
portlandrealestateblog.comDA: 19 38 DA: 30

Lifestyle Blog Commenting Sites

HBCULifestyle.comDA: 52
VanityNoApologies.comDA: 49
EverythingMom.comDA: 45
Aha-Now.comDA: 42
Naina.coDA: 39
DashofWellness.comDA: 34
MordernLifeBlogs.comDA: 37
AkanshRedhu.comDA: 37
SweetStyleBlog.comDA: 28
TheGirlAtFirstAvenue.comDA: 19
Purushu.comDA: 32
LookingGoodFeelingFab.comDA: 33

Best Recipe & Food Blog Commenting Sites

seriouseats.comDA: 90
simplyrecipes.comDA: 89
thekitchn.comDA: 85
thepioneerwoman.comDA: 82
skinnytaste.comDA: 78
minimalistbaker.comDA: 74
101cookbooks.comDA: 72
foodbloggerscentral.comDA: 27 DA: 35
bakingamoment.comDA: 56
joyfoodsunshine.comDA: 52
intoxicology.netDA: 42
johleneorton.comDA: 41
lifeslittlesweets.comDA: 37
theprettybee.comDA: 55
cooktoria.comDA: 49
agirldefloured.comDA: 39
100daysofrealfood.comDA: 63
balancedbites.comDA: 55
bentolunch.netDA: 44
iamafoodblog.comDA: 60
ohsheglows.comDA: 71
sallysbakingaddiction.comDA: 72
budgetbytes.comDA: 70
cookieandkate.comDA: 69
gimmesomeoven.comDA: 74
davidlebovitz.comDA: 74
pinchofyum.comDA: 70
loveandlemons.comDA: 62
therecipecritic.comDA: 65
thegundruk.comDA: 22 21

CommentLuv Sites for Blog Commenting

Here is the list of CommentLuv enabled blogs with high domain authority. I have manually tested and verified all the blogs before including in this list.

growmap.comDA: 49
workwithrichardp.comDA: 20
techtricksworld.comDA: 46
webmaster-success.comDA: 35
heartofbusiness.comDA: 38
wonderoftech.comDA: 46
techiezlounge.comDA: 37
keepupwiththeweb.comDA: 35
oddrandomthoughts.comDA: 36
techbucket.orgDA: 21
favouritehobbies.comDA: 20
petra-weiss.comDA: 17
everyonedigital.comDA: 14
sweetmiles.comDA: 36
flightandscarlet.comDA: 32
lifethroughmybioscope.comDA: 24
wpkind.comDA: 18
lisajahred.comDA: 23
bosssinglemama.comDA: 15
wpstuffs.comDA: 33
wheremysoulbelongs.comDA: 33
ewebtip.comDA: 25
mostlyblogging.comDA: 42
netotraffic.comDA: 27
moneygossips.comDA: 30
robinjemdon.comDA: 18
digitaldimensions4u.comDA: 29
techcloud.inDA: 25
techchunks.comDA: 33
techpatio.comDA: 42
bloggingshout.comDA: 24
miriamslozberg.comDA: 30

Instant Approval Blog Commenting Sites List

Wrapping Up:

Start writing comments choosing top websites with high domain authority from the above list. Make sure the comment you have placed is relevant to the content and make some sense.

If you know a site with high DA on your niche then just share the site in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions in Blog Commenting

  1. How to write a good comment on a blog? First, read the whole blog post and understand it. Make sure your comment is relevant to the topic. Ask a question in a comment to make your comment different from others. Don’t add generic meaningless words in your comment.