Get paid to write about anything whatever you like

Whatever you like, we- Techfoorti, listed here some most fecund ways to get paid as a writer. Subsequently, it really doesn’t matter what is the topic you are writing, story, travel tips or dialogue, tutorials, fictions, for instance. Instead, write passionately and quality writings that must be engaging as well as informative.

Be that as it may, you should get a deep preparation on the topic you are going to cover. Relatively, keeping mind the search engine also plays a mastering role to make your content highly visible to your audience. Thus, try to make your articles as standard as search engines like.

Also, there are many market places where you can create your writer profile to find the writing job, FiverriWriterHirewriters, for instance, may the right choice for you. They are regularly getting content from young and experienced writers as well. Consequently, the payment is not very little, rather, a good-sound making for the experienced writers.

OK, now let’s see what we have listed here for you. And, here we go:

Get paid to write about anything whatever you like

Strong Whispers

This is a platform that entertains the quality writers. If you think yourself as one the quality writer, in the event that Strong Whispers strongly recommended for you. The payment sounds good- $50-$150 per article depending on the quality and size of your content.

In addition to that, they are also ready to pay more for really deserving writers. Initially, you need to send them writing that is unique and engaging in your thinking. Consequently, you can also express your payment expectations for this content from them.

After receiving your content they may also ask you to send your blog URL so that can understand your writing style and other relevant things. After a couple of days, they will reply to you the result- positive or, negative, even they can suggest you make some amendments in your writing.

On the off chance that it is basically is a humorous site that involved mostly many funny things publications. However, as you are want to earn money writing fiction online, it may make you divert to write also funny things to earn. On the other hand, you may give you a taste to write in a new category.

Keep in mind whatever you are writing for this site is must be (also as usual) with the appropriate grammar. Due to a humorous site, there are more chances to mistakes, or, misuse grammar. Grammarly can help you in this connection greatly.

The payment is also sound here, $100-$200/article based on the words and quality. And, the most surprising thing is here they have a bonus system for you. Depending on your article quality and submission frequency you might get a $100 bonus.

Transition Abroad

Transition Abroad makes sense if you want to get paid to write about anything whatever you like. Yes, whatever you are hearing is true! You love to travel and also love to write, just make these two in one line. Make a real match of these two items and shape it in an appropriate way with a proper sentence. In this connection, Pro Writing Aid can assist you rightly.

This site ready to entertain you with $150 per article. But keep in mind Transition Abroad post articles that are travel-related and based on the real travel experience. Thus, your content needs to be more informative as well as sound-making that has a high impact also.

Popular Blogging Tools:


This is also such a website that posts all the travel related articles. Besides this, this UK based publication will allow you to get €220/post. This is really amazing, isn’t it? Moreover, you need to write just a 1000 words article to get €220 from them. So, this also could be a good answer to how to make money writing from home.

Music Tuts+

Are you love music? Yes! Ok, then would you like to earn money by it? Wow! Is it possible? Simple, yes possible. Music Tuts+ giving the chance to get paid the music lover who can write well on the music they heard.

Basically, they are ready to pay money for a mini-tutorial that covered by 500 words and get time to hear not more than 5 minutes. Also, the article must be focused on the core point and they are giving $50 every article they like.


In the event of getting paid to write about anything whatever you like, Longreads may be a great source for you. In this site there are no boundaries for writing niche, instead, it is open to all niche. Therefore, earn money writing fiction online also you apply here if you want.

What’s more? Moreover, it pays to the right person up to $500 per post. But the content should be the best quality with no less than 2500 words. Consequently, the post must follow the Longreads guidelines, well-written, well-readable with right and interesting information, for instance.

If you are not convinced with the above money-making by writing, then you may look at this below;

How to make money writing from home

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Start a blog

This is the most popular and common way of getting money writing from home. And you may like to start it, isn’t it? Be that as it may, then first you should know how to start a blog. Tons of tutorials and articles on the web can help you greatly in these connections.

However, starting a blog isn’t like an overnight job done, instead, it takes a few formalities, includes, choose a niche that likes you. Subsequently, pick a right blogging platform, select a hosting provider- BlueHost may be the right choice for you. Or, you can read this best hosting provider for WordPress, and cheap hosting providers.

The most impressive site of blogging is there are lots of ways to earn money from it, Google ads, sell eBooks, promote educational tutorials, etc are the most common items, however not limited to. Being a freelance writer you would probably like to connect with your clients on your own blog- this opportunity no one can create as a blog can.

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Keeping in mind the above all things, blogging can be a great way of earning for a freelance writer. And, if you once decided to start blogging, then start thinking about the niche, hosting, blogging platform, keywords research, SEO and so on from right now!

Write, whatever you want to write

This is another way to get paid to write about anything whatever you like. On the off chance that it is solely freelance writing. You just starting writing due to your love to write. Initially, you never think about it to sell.

But, for the time being, you feel to sell it to others. Therefore, make it as appropriate as that fit ell with your buyer’s choice. In this connection, you should be a little bit flexible. Relatively, you might have to make some amendments to your content that make the match with the client’s requirements.

As a freelance writer, you don’t have any limitations, yet it may not be applicable in the event of you are writing for others. Keeping this in mind, make a regular tour on the web, it is good to look around the niche site that fit your niche. Try to find what types of writing style clients liking more, make it yours.

Be a book publisher

Oh no, we are not telling you to publish other writers’ book (you may be), instead, publish your one whatever you wrote. There is plenty of online publishers waiting to make on-air the good content. Find the, and approach to publishing you one.

In the event that, fiction article can make special sense. As a result, you can earn money writing fiction online, easily. Yet, this is not limited to, rather other subjects matter doing fine to get paid. You need to pick the right one you feel comfortable.

To conclude, there are plenty of things by which you can get paid to write about anything whatever you like. It means many options in the air, the choice is yours, whatever you pick for you.

Subsequently, never think that getting paid by writing is just a work that could be done by the overnight. If you think so, then we are sorry to say that you are living in a fool’s paradise.

Consequently, this is also true that getting paid by writing not like any most critical job to do, rather, it is easy for you if you have the passion to write. Eventually, you must have to read more, even more, to write appropriate content that attracts your readers.

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