What Is SEO? 5 Ways to know Basic Search Engine Optimization. Friends, today I will discuss with you a very important subject. Which will benefit you a lot. How to rank any website in Google search engine. This will help you rank your website or anything on Google. That is SEO (search engine optimization). Which is very useful and useful. Let’s get to the point without exaggerating.

What is a search engine

SEO will help your website to search engines as opposed to certain keywords when people will use that keyword to search any information in search engines. Search engines are a huge repository of information in which all the websites are indexed. This we all know. People use search engines to find any information on the internet. Google is the dominant search engine in the world today. Then there’s Bing. You need to know SEO to get Google ranking factor help.

What is SEO and how to do it

We know people are much more connected to the internet. That is why online-based trading is now very profitable. When it comes to doing this online business, there is no time to ignore search engine optimization or SEO. First of all, you need to know what SEO is. By opening an online-based website, you put your fashion items/products on the website. Customers will search online and find your website only when search engines know that the product is on your website.

How many types of search engine optimization

There are two types of search engine optimization.

  1. White Hat SEO or Legal SEO

When search engine optimization or SEO is done properly in accordance with all the conditions of the search engine, it is called white hat SEO.

  1. Black Hat SEO or Illegal SEO

When search engine optimization or SEO is practiced illegally outside the search engine terms, it is called black hat SEO.

What is search engine optimization or SEO

Follow the steps below for basic search engine optimization:

  1. The structure of your website:

Once you know what SEO is, fix the website structure before starting SEO practice.

Use an SEO friendly (Content Management System-CMS) platform such as WordPress.

Give some unique content after WordPress setup. There are a few things to keep in mind when writing content or articles:

Keyword research: Keywords are the motto of SEO. If your keyword research is not good then you will never get SEO results. You can use the Google Keyword Planner tool for keyword research. It’s completely free.

Text cannot be copied: your article must be unique. Google will penalize copied articles. The site will not only rank but your site may be banned for life.

Use Header H1-H6: Use the H1 header once while writing. Give the main topic of the article in H1.

Image Alt Tag: Do not forget to give Alt Tag even if you do not give a caption in the image Search engine bots or robots read the Alt Tag of the image and nothing else. When the image takes time to load, the text of the Alt Tag can be seen so that the user gets an idea of ​​what the image is.

Avoid Copyrighted Items: Avoid copyrighted items when using multimedia. No pictures with logos can be given. If so, its copyright must be mentioned.

Article Size: Think about it. Research how many word articles your competitor is writing on the same topic. If your competitor’s article is 600 words, you will publish a 1000 word article.

When the article is written, check, and publish. Share your article on social media this time. Share as much as you can on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Remember that social shares get special predominance in search engines. This is a huge part of the Google ranking factor calculation.

  1. Find out what search engines like:

You need to understand a little bit about search engine algorithms. What is SEO? To know this, you need to know a little bit about search engines.

Google, Bing, or Yandex search engines usually rank a site based on a few common things:

Content: The most predominant content. If your content does not match the answer to the user’s search, the search engine will not show it. Content needs to be presented clearly. You have to write neatly. When writing an article, keep in mind that this article is for people, not for search engine robots.

Site Speed: Your site speed must be good, otherwise search engines will not prioritize it. Search engines prioritize sites that load quickly.
Backlinks: If you want to do good SEO, you need good backlinks. If your writing is good, a good site will give you backlinks which will increase your rank in the eyes of search engines.

Site Navigation: Your search engine optimization depends on how easy your site is to use. Good content easily does well in SEO with a simple website

  1. Find out what search engines dislike:

Frequent Keywords: Using keywords over and over again is like keyword spam. Search engines don’t like keyword spam.

Backlink Purchases: Search engines don’t like backlinks. Because you only need to buy backlinks when your content is not strong.

On bad sites: Use more ads on the site. Saying irrelevant things over and over again, lengthening the article by twisting and turning without saying the main thing. After all this bad site navigation.

Your bounce rate increases when things go bad on the site. The visitor comes out of the site, which is highly disliked by search engines.

  1. Multi-channel usage:
    SEO will be stronger if you use the following social media.
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • E-mail
  1. URL content similarity
    The results of search engine optimization depend largely on the URL of the article.

If the main keyword of the content is inside the URL, it gives a special signal to the search engine. Which makes SEO better.

For example, your content is about ‘dog lover’. Now look at the 2 URLs below

  1. https://www. ursite. com/dog-lover-animall
  2. https://www. ursite. com/category/animal/010117/dog-lover-animall

The first of the two URLs will get more search engine impressions. Because the URL is more similar to the content and closer to the home page.

The above 5 steps will meet your SEO Basics.

Hope you stay with us in the coming days. Stay with us until I bring up more important issues in front of you.

Thanks for bothering to read the whole post.

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