5 Social media sharing plugins for WordPress

Techfoorti took the opportunity and therefore listed herewith some social media sharing tools for you. Whatever we have listed here is definitely going to make you sharpen to use effectively the social media.

True to be told that there are plenty of social media sharing buttons available in the market. And it is really difficult to pick the best one that fits best for your niche or content. Subsequently, too many options always make someone more confused to pick the right one.

Thus, this is very important to the right one that is consist of some features, easy to use, price-effective, up to date, trustworthy, for instance. In addition to that, the tools you are choosing for your site must have to be a wide range of given facilities.

Social media sharing plugins for WordPress

1. SumoMe

SumoMe comes first while gathering information about social media sharing plugins for WordPress. It is giving quality service for a long time to many of its users.  On the off chance that SumoMe makes themselves as one of the best social audience growing tools.

As we know every successful journey obviously consists of some key features. Now we’ll see the reasons behind SumoMe’s achievement;

  • Easy to integrate– This is very easy to make integration with a WordPress site. For that, you need not be an expert.
  • Share the targeted image- You can add this share button for your individual targeted picture that you want to share.
  • Wide range of support- SumoMe support over 15 social media including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter.
  • User-friendly- It is very easy to use.
  • Free- You need not pay to use it, yet there is also a premium option for the premium users.

2. MashShare

Another popular social media sharing plugins MashShare giving the chance to highly customization settings for social media sharing. On the off chance that MashShare is called the definitive community media ecosystem.

  • Easy to fit in– This is very informal to make incorporation with a WordPress site. For that, you need not be skillful.
  • Reliable- Over 2,00,000 active users worldwide indicates its reliability as a social media plugin.
  • High performance- It includes share buttons for most social networks. So that you can have a great output from it.
  • User-friendly- It is very cool to use.
  • Free- It won’t cost you as it is free to use. However, there is also a paid version for first-class users.

social media sharing plugin for wordpress image: Adobe Stock

3. AddThis

This is another fecund tool used by tons of users worldwide. It has some great features that make it different from, unlike others. In light of the fact, with AddThis plugin various kind of icon button and designs sharing now is possible.

  • Wide Coverage– This social sharing button supports over 200 social media services.
  • Safe- Over millions of active installations worldwide point out its safety features as a social media plugin.
  • High Sharing- It helps to increase sharing up to 20% compared with others and it is proven.
  • Easy To Use- It is very user-friendly to use.
  • Free- It won’t cost you as it is free to use. However, there is also a paid version for first-class users.

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4. Social Warfare

This is such a plugin that is enriched with features. Due to is offers a lot of features for its users. Be that as it may, it is as important for the beginners as well as also for the expert ones. Now let us see the main features offered by Social Warfare to the users.

  • Drag & Drop– This social sharing button supports drag & drop features that enable you to add or remove social media with your blog site.
  • Share counting- This is the one & only social sharing button that shows twitter’s share counting.
  • Wide Sharing- It helps to increase sharing by adding a sharing button in your content’s start and ending part.
  • URL Shortening- It supports to shortening URL and see the performance of your social media sharing buttons.
  • Quality client service- It offers a quality after-sales service for its clients by 24/7.

5. Social Snap

In light of the fact, social Snap considers the latest and in some context, the best social media sharing plugin for WordPress. If you asked some to name about the single most important social sharing button, definitely Social Snap comes up.

Be that as it may, let’s see the key features that make it such a vital social sharing button in the industry.

  • Monitoring the users– This social sharing button supports to completely control and monitor your user in social media. So that you can take action as needed.
  • Useful for all- This is such a type of social media button that can use everybody, small business owners, blogger, corporate house, designers, for instance. Even, apart from these groups who want to attract more visitors to their web page.
  • Easy to install- This is very easy to install with your WordPress blog, it just takes a few clicks.
  • Special features- Social Snap also comes up with some other features, auto-update, advance analytics, old post schedule, and so on.
  • Hassle-free use- This social sharing plugin allows you for a hassle-free use forever. Using their social account you can log in to your page and then start work.

What do we recommend?

Considering all the above mentioned Social media sharing plugin for WordPress, it is very clear that there are tons of tools available in the market. Eventually, it is a little bit overwhelming to select the best one for you.

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