4 Ways To Get High Paying Clients For Your Freelancing Career

One of the high paying clients will not help build a freelancing career. It needs a constant source of clients and more importantly high paying clients. It is not easy but it’s not rocket science either.

I have a wide variety of clients coming from various sources. I share my 4 of the top source of high paying clients and how I make sure I keep on getting those high paying clients.

1. Reference

The best source of my high paying clients is from reference. Along with feedback, I ask clients if they can refer me to their friends who are looking for similar services. Just one line

If you know anyone who is looking for any kind of work in xenForo, WordPress of vBulletin do let them know about me.

This simple one line to clients has fetched me so many high paying clients.

There isn’t any source of clients that can beat the clients I got from reference. It is the best source of the client and your reputation is built even prior to working for the client. It always helps me demand better rates and become a well-paid freelancer.

Client referral is not all about being paid well but it also means you are working on very high expectations because the referring client may have told very good things about you and you have to make sure you deliver.

2. Blog

Go4Expert and IMTips are my second best source of clients.

Whenever I share code snippets, not everyone would like to implement those personally and if they can get someone to do those, they will be more than happy to get it done. So I make sure I share my hire me page link.

When clients see an option to hire me, they prefer me to get those implemented but more importantly, they also want me to be part of their other projects as well. A recent example is the vBulletin code snippet that I shared here has landed me projects worth more than $2000.

On my hire me page, I refer clients to Upwork because it helps build the confidence of clients in more than one way. Of course my work history in Upwork for sure but more than that, the escrow service where a client pays only when they are satisfied with my work.

3. Forums

I work in xenForo and the official xenForo forum has been a good source of long-term clients for me. My current long-term regular client that I am working for is from xenForo forums.

When I was working in vBulletin, I used to get clients from vBulletin.org as well as other forums like Sitepoint where people wanted to hire developers. Even as of today, DigitalPoint’s Services forum has hundreds of members looking to hire developers.

Being helpful in forums will always help you find a good source of clients. It has always worked for me.

4. Upwork

There are people who consider marketplace like Upwork as the race to the bottom in terms of price and to be honest they are not aware of the true potential of Upwork or don’t know how to make use of Upwork.

If the price is the only factor to get projects on Upwork, I should be starving by now. Upwork is one of the most stable sources of clients or me and I recommend it to all my other sources of clients and recommend it to any developer who wishes to be a freelancer.

I love Upwork because it provides a good platform to interact and manage all my clients and has everything for easy client interaction with escrow service. Escrow provides confidence to clients because they know they will pay only when I deliver.

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